If you’re a Republican you know it. But if want to be sure then we’ve compiled a list for you. So next time when someone asks you “are you a Democrat or a Republican?” you can proudly say “Republican.” You might be a Republican if:

  1. You fully support the Constitution, the Law of the Land
  2. You don’t support the killing of innocent unborn children
  3. You understand that the second amendment is a right, not a privilege
  4. You understand that socialism is a failed system of government
  5. You think that people should be judged on the caliber of work they do, not their skin
  6. You believe that people should work for what they want
  7. You believe that people should be allowed to get the healthcare they want
  8. You refer to Ronald Reagan as Ronaldus Magnus
  9. You have nightmares about Hillary Clinton being POTUS
  10. You know that the KKK was the militant wing of the Democrat party
  11. You were proud when President Obama tried to criticize conservatives by saying they were just clinging to their guns and religion
  12. Red, white, and blue are your favorite colors
  13. You pronounce America as Murica’
  14. You are proud of the Republican party for ending American slavery
  15. You know that smaller government is better government
  16. You believe that the Republicans’ greatest supporter is Chuck Norris
  17. You think Frank Underwood is representative of the Democrat party
  18. You protect everyone’s first amendment rights, even liberals’
  19. You celebrate the fact that Bruce-freakin-Willis is a conservative
  20. Your favorite political moment is when Caitlyn Jenner shocked liberals and said she is a Republican
  21. You know there are 2 Republicans and 0 Democrats on Mount Rushmore
  22. Joe Biden is your favorite comedian
  23. You love the American military
  24. You own at least one piece of American flag clothing
  25. You know that lower taxes will grow the economy
  26. Sometimes you randomly chant “U-S-A”
  27. Trump wasn’t your first choice but you came around
  28. CNN gives you a headache every time they pretend to be unbiased
  29. You follow Think Right on Twitter and read all of our articles
  30. You love being everything that Democrats hate