During the Vice Presidential Debate, Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence went head-to-head to defend their Presidential candidates. One quote from Govenor Mike Pence stated, “We could put cybersecurity first if we just make sure the next Secretary of State doesn’t have a private server.” This attack on Hillary Clinton made Senator Tim Kaine come back with statements on how he trusts Hillary Clinton and her decisions. After being asked the question if either, or both, of the candidates trust Hillary Clinton with their sons being overseas in combat, Tim Kaine states, “We have a son deployed overseas in the U.S. Marine Corps right now. We trust Hillary Clinton as President and Commander in Chief, but the thought of Donald J. Trump as Commander in Cheif scares us to death.” Pence then came back to say how he would trust Trump more than Hillary with their son, who is currently overseas in combat.

The VP Debate was important in showing how level headed and calm both of these candidates were, as well as how they compliment their Presidential candidates. Pence shows a levelheaded side to the Trump-Pence campaign, while Tim Kaine brings a trustworthy background to the Clinton-Kaine campaign. Although Kaine brings a better image to Clinton, he still cannot overcome the personality and experience of Mike Pence. Pence has proven himself worthy to become Vice President and to be by Donald Trump’s side during serious decision making. There could not be a better Vice President candidate that would compliment Trump more than Govenor Mike Pence.

Mike Pence did a lot of what Donald Trump needs to do in the next Presidential debate. So Donald: make eye contact with the camera (your speaking to us, not the moderator), talk about Hillary’s untrustworthiness, and explain why your vision for America is the best. Mike Pence won the VP debate and would have dominated the Presidential debate stage because of these things.