Over the past couple months, WikiLeaks has provided the public with a look into the real Clinton Campaign.  WikiLeaks fails to disappoint in their continuous dumps of data.  In case you missed headlines, or if you do not want to do all the deep research, here are some big revelations that came out of the recent WikiLeaks dumps.

Hillary’s Emails

The most recent revelation shows “Clinton campaign spokesman in touch with DOJ officials regarding email litigation” as reported by Tom Winter from NBC.


Muslim Immigration

The Hillary Campaign has admitted that Muslim immigration is dangerous and deadly, but they will not point this out publicly in fears of being deemed “racist” or “intolerant” by political correctness.


And speaking of Muslim immigration, Hillary herself referred to Muslims as “sand n*ggers.” That is worse than them referring to their outreach to Hispanics as the “taco bowl engagement”!


Donald Trump

The latest leaks reveal that the Clinton team instructed the DNC to “elevate” Trump two months before he announced his candidacy.


The Clinton Campaign also was depending on Trump winning the nomination. They show that they feel confident going up against Trump. They know that HRC is unlikable, so they wanted her opponent to be just as much, or even more, unlikable.


Chelsea Clinton is a “spoiled brat”

A longtime Clinton adviser shows true colors calling Chelsea Clinton a “spoiled brat kid.”


Hillary’s Paid Speeches

Bernie Sanders used Hillary’s private, paid speeches to Wall Street against her in the primary season. He criticized her ties to Wall Street, and she, in turn, claimed her views on Wall Street are the same as Bernie’s. Turns out Bernie was right. Hillary admits that “you need both a public position and a private position on policy.” Hillary essentially is telling Wall Street “hey, I like you guys, but I need to tell the people that I don’t. Hope you understand.” In a paid speech, Hillary even said Wall Street insiders are what is needed to fix Wall Street.


The leaked transcripts of the paid speeches also show just how out of touch Hillary is.  During the debates and rallies, Hillary takes pride in being raised in a middle-class family.  However, she reveals her true self in paid speeches. She admits she is “kind of far removed” from the middle class.


Julian Assange

Julian Assange is the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks and has undoubtedly done some things to hurt Hillary’s candidacy. Hillary often claims that she is absolutely against violence and claims that Trump embraces violence. In this leak, the public can see who Hillary Clinton really is behind closed doors. Hillary says the best way to silence Assange and protect her dirty secrets is to drone him.