Sunday night’s debate was a much needed win for presidential candidate Donald Trump. He’s been up and down in the polls, never quite reaching past Hillary Clinton. But in the latest national poll by Rasmussen, Trump is up for the first time this month at 43% against Clinton’s 41%.

What does this say for Trump?

Recently, Trump’s polls took a nosedive due to a raunchy soundbyte with him and NBC’s Billy Bush. A lot of us thought it was over for the Donald. In some polls, she was even up 11 points! Then Trump did something completely surprising, something no one really saw coming. Something he hadn’t quite done this entire race.

He apologized.

While many claim the apology was insufficient as the words were particularly heinous, the apology had the desired effect. His poll numbers started to rise. Many people saw that he is a changed man, that he finally has a temperament that can be considered presidential.

Then came Sunday’s debate. At this debate, Donald Trump used the sexism allegations against him as a weapon against Hillary, attacking her for her misdeeds relative to Bill’s scandals of the past. Not only did this work to a degree, it GREATLY increased his favorability, as his poll numbers rose past Hillary Clinton for the first time since July 28th.

But why is this important?

We will be entering the final stages and final leg of the presidential race very soon, with the third debate coming up on October 19. If he continues his scorched earth tactic of prosecuting Hillary and her past, this election could turn out much different than we had thought just a week ago.

*Other polls show Hillary ahead. But the one from Rasmussen is telling. We suggest to not read too far into the poll numbers until the week leading up to the election. That’s when the pollsters dig a little deeper to make sure their numbers are right so they don’t look like fools on Election Day.