Following the release of the now infamous Access Hollywood video of Trump discussing his treatment of women, the country went nuts. After this video went viral, many women came out accusing Trump of sexual assault. As a result, many big name Republicans, such as elected officials and former office holders, denounced their support of Trump and no longer endorse the Republican nominee. Here is a list of Republicans no longer supporting Trump.

Paul Ryan, who is the highest elected Republican official, stated that he could “no longer defend” Trump amid allegations of sexual assault. To be clear, he did NOT pull his endorsement of Trump, rather he stated that he will no longer extend efforts to justify Trump’s actions.  Instead, Ryan is focusing on maintaining a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Spokeswoman AshLee Strong stated, “The speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities.”

Additionally, many republicans are already looking towards 2020 in hopes of a candidate that better fits the republican image. Essentially, many GOP representatives are giving up on the presidential race in hopes of coming out of this election with minimal damage. However, this may not be a simple task. Politico reported that Ryan is concerned that come November, they will lose many of their seats in the House due to Trump’s actions. Politico also reported that this concern comes from the fact that Republicans lost 20 seats back in 2008 after the McCain vs. Obama race, in which McCain trailed Obama by 7 percent. Trump is trailing Clinton by 10 points in some polls and Ryan is worried about the consequences. The Atlantic reported that Democrats were within close range of taking the house majority. Weeks ago, this was viewed at extremely unlikely, yet now it is a real possibility. Even though Trump won the last Presidential debate according to most, it did not outweigh the effects of the video.

After learning Ryan’s new position, Donald Trump was furious with the house speaker. He tweeted, “Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee.” Ryan explained that he was not trying to start trouble, but Trump feels betrayed by the party. This election has caused a lot of fighting within GOP. While some members refuse to support or have pulled endorsements of Trump, others are condemning those who do not back him. However, Politico reported that three quarters of Republican voters still back Trump, while 13% want the GOP to replace him. Some are calling for Pence to take the top of ticket, but Trump has stated loudly that he will never back down from being the presidential nominee. This election cycle has led to a very divided Republican party. Most polls at this point are predicting a Clinton victory, which means four more years just like the last eight. Clinton will make the government bigger, damage the healthcare system, allow terrorism to grow both globally and domestically and so much more. However, if Republicans can maintain a House majority, some of the damage can be mitigated. Hopefully, the next few weeks until the election will not bring any more damage to the Republican party and maybe it won’t lose the House.

If not, there’s always 2020 to look forward to.