While the American people continue to be distracted with nonsensical issues reported by MSM, here are 8 different issues that you won’t hear being discussed at the next debate scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th at the University of Las Vegas.

1) Investigating the Saudis for their roles in 9/11


The House of Representatives passed a bill, which will hold Saudi Arabia responsible for their roles in the 9/11 attacks, allowing the 9/11 victims to sue whoever were responsible. Obama vetoed this bill because his administration knows that investigating 9/11 would result in the US being involved in the investigation as well.

The American people are beginning to challenge and question what they were told regarding the 9/11 attacks. Unfortunately, US elected officials are rarely held accountable for their crimes against the people. The mainstream media has no interest in discussing this.

FACT: Despite trying to pander to women rights organizations and the LGBT community, Clinton accepts contributions from Saudi Arabia which is not only severely brutal towards women, but also against homosexuals. If this issue was to be addressed during the debate, many proclaimed Feminists would reject Clinton’s cronyism.

2) George Soros hijacking BLM, Buying Off Politicians.


George Soros, to no one’s surprise, has contributed up to $2.5 Million to the Clinton foundation. He has been exposed for using his philanthropic efforts to influence politics worldwide. Soros is responsible for infiltrating the BLM movement in order to spark division among race, leading to a further divided and emotionally vulnerable nation.

FACT: Darren Seals, early Ferguson protest leader and police brutality activist, was one of the earliest founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. He later began to reject and expose BLM completely after realizing the movement was being infiltrated by elite interests. He was later shot to death and left to burn alive in a car.


3) Trans-Pacific Partnership

Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have called out Clinton for supporting NAFTA and now, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Although she has recently come out against it, expect her to pull a last minute flip flop on the issue. Her going against the TPP would mean upsetting her corporate donors.


4) NSA Mass Surveillance


The reason why the PATRIOT ACT won’t be mentioned is because Clinton is in favor of the unconstitutional act, which allows the government to collect private information on innocent Americans. This is disguised as national security but what Americans don’t realize is that corrupt governments have stripped away basic liberties in the name of defense since the Roman Empire.

5) Auditing/Ending the Federal Reserve


Auditing the Federal Reserve is a position that gained Ron Paul an incredible amount of grassroots supporters during the 2012 presidential election. Challenging the Federal Reserve banking cartel is not beneficial for the political and corporate elite, because it would put an end to their monopolized control of the U.S. dollar.

FACT: Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were opposed to the idea of a private-centralized bank. Opposition towards the Federal Reserve holds a historic influence on the American Revolution and many other historical events in global history. 

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6)  Recent US Drone Strikes in Yemen 

Credit to: Abby Martin

Barack Obama’s horrific drone program is responsible for thousands of civilian deaths in the Middle East. Just recently, a US navy destroyer has fired missiles in Yemen as our government (and Saudi Arabia) continues to commit atrocious war crimes overseas. Over 10,000 civilians have been killed under Saudi Arabia’s 18-month bombing campaign.

FACT: The Obama Administration has bombed more countries than the Bush Administration after September 11th including Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and Syria. This has created consistent and rising conflict in the Middle East, which is going to eventually bite our country in the ass.

7) Dakota Access Pipeline


Amy Goodman, Jill Stein, Shailene Woodley and over 100,000 environmental activists have been arrested for voicing their concern over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is set to bring 8,000, to 12,000 jobs within the construction industry.

Amy Goodman is facing potential prison time for reporting on the protests.

FACT: Clinton supported the Keystone Pipeline and is in favor of offshore drilling. Her campaign has received over 6 Million dollars from the fossil fuel industry.

8) Clinton’s ties with Corporate-America


“We need an economy that works for everyone, not just those on top.”

Is Goldman Sachs not “on top”?  Her campaign would disintegrate without help from corporate-America due to the lack of grassroots support she’s received. The Clinton Administration has been involved in corporatism since Bill’s womanizing prime. Bernie Sanders’ supporters rejected Clinton for this reason alone. This is what Trump and Bernie supporters agree the most on, speaking out against corrupt political and corporate influences in Washington.

FACT: Clinton’s top 5 contributors include JP Morgan, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs. Can’t expect her to talk negatively about corporations when they are keeping her campaign alive. This is a perfect case of not biting the hand that feeds you.