Colorado’s Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) is defending a controversial survey distributed to teachers at its Overland Prairie Campus. The survey, intended to gauge teachers’ “white privilege,” was apparently distributed in September at an “Equity Staff Meeting.” The survey, consisting of 26 statements, asks its recipients to rate each statement on how true it is for them– a score of five if the statement is often true, zero if seldom or never true, and 1-4 for any response in between.

One such statement reads, “If I should need to move, I can be pretty sure of hassle-free renting or purchasing in an area in which I would want to live.” Another states, “If a police officer pulls me over, I can be sure I haven’t been singled out because of my race.” Others insinuate that racial discrimination runs rampant in schools, hospitality, legal and medical practices, and society at large.

Literally titled, “White Privilege Survey,” the document, viewable here, which was anonymously leaked to local news stations, was produced and provided to Cherry Creek Schools by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), in a seminar publication titled Beyond Diversity. PEG’s website describes Beyond Diversity as a, “foundation for deinstitutionalizing racism and eliminating racial achievement disparities.” According to CCSD district spokesperson Tustin Amole, the survey has been used since 2003 in efforts to address what she describes as “opportunity gaps” between students. When questioned by ABC Channel 7 in Denver, Amole said, “It was designed to make people aware that their experiences, whatever they are, wherever they come from, are not exactly the same as other people’s.” While reducing racial achievement gaps is, of course, a noble goal, suggesting that its cause is institutionalized racism is a slippery slope.

Now, Amole’s sentiment may seem benign, but in reality, the survey is representative of a malicious trend in America’s educational system, especially at the collegiate level. Gone are the days where personal responsibility and individualism took priority to race-baiting and divisive political rhetoric. Privilege theory is now widely accepted in most public universities, and, as this survey shows, it’s trickling into high schools as well. Your tax dollars are funding this garbage, and all to the left’s benefit. Minorities overwhelmingly support Democrats, and anything that can maximize racial division, is, in their eyes, politically advantageous.

In recent years, leftists like President Obama and Hillary Clinton have made a habit of painting America as an institutionally racist country. Their approval has fueled bitter anti-police sentiment in groups like Black Lives Matter, and in light of a recent Supreme Court decision, affirmative action is alive and well. Leftists imply that statistical inequality anywhere in society is indicative of systemic racism. They’ll never mention, however, how affirmative action or government-backed banking policies practiced before 2008 were biased in favor of racial minorities. That doesn’t matter though. The only thing that matters to the left is its narrative, that America is a racist, sexist, xenophobic country that favors straight, white, Christian men. If you ever dare to commit the thoughtcrime of questioning this assumption, you’re a bigot.