Here at ThinkRight Politics, we are obviously a right-leaning site.  However, all of our staff members have varying views on issues, policies, and the current candidates.  Here is what we think about the final debate and what we expect to come on November 8th.

“As one candidate for president might put it, unbelievable! It is unbelievable to me that the most crooked and execrable person to ever run for president is probably going to head the Executive Branch of the United States. I don’t know how any conservative could be pleased with Donald Trump’s final debate performance. Erring from his running mate and campaign manager, Trump told the nation that he would keep us in suspense on whether or not he will accept the results of the election. He complains that the horrendously biased media has totally and completely rigged this election by being in the basket for Hillary, but you can’t deny that they are supplied daily with ammunition. The former reality TV star just can’t help himself. Also, I would have liked to have heard more about job creation and his view on the economy. He was even given 2 minutes to explain how lowering taxes across the board would stimulate job growth in America, but used half of it to go back to a previous question about Japan and China and Russia. Oh well. Sports fanatics say “there’s always next year” when their team doesn’t win the championship. Looks like Republicans and conservatives alike will be saying “there’s always 2020.”‘

— Josh Gray, Founder

“One thing that set the final debate apart from the first two was the substance.  Dissimilar to the first two debates, I absolutely love how the third debate focused strongly on policy.  Like the first two debates, I believe it is hard to determine a clear winner.  In the beginning of the debate, Hillary was strong and Trump was reserved.  I was consistently flip flopping on who I believe was winning the debate.  Hillary’s performance was very similar to her performance in the first two debates.  Trump did an excellent job on the attack against HRC, but I do believe that he did a poor job of talking himself up and telling us what he will do for our country.  However, calling Hillary a ‘nasty woman’ under his breath was completely unnecessary and will become an unneeded headline.

If you would have asked me two months ago who I thought would win the election, I would have said Donald Trump.  As each day passes, I grow more and more worried that Hillary will win.  My dream, although it may be a fantasy, is that Trump wins and is soon impeached and removed from office to allow the impeccable Governor Mike Pence to become the 46th President of the United States.”

Noah Hamai

“I’m a recent graduate, so I am paying attention very closely to what both candidates have been campaigning from the last year or so. This debate has been my favorite of all Presidential debates this year, right after the Vice Presidential debate that happened earlier in October. Both of these candidates offer policies that will protect my rights professionally as well as securing our borders in what is becoming one of the worst terrorist threats in American history. Like many Millennials, I have gone back and forth between being undecided and undecided with my vote this Presidetial year and only one of the candidates has cited policies that will benefit me. I have therefore made my decision to support Donald Trump for President. After tonight’s debate it is clear that he will carry my home state of Missouri through his free market policies and protect our borders with the fight against ISIS and reward those who have legally immigrated to our country.”

Jacqueline Neil, Director of PR

“This debate was the most tame of all three in this cycle with Trump’s performance tonight being his best. Hillary, not surprisingly, walked herself into multiple hypocritical claims. First, she said that Podesta was without a doubt hacked by Putin and the Russians. Yet, she maintains that her private, unsecured email server wasn’t hacked by any foreign agents. She also criticized Trump for his ‘cavalier’ attitude regarding nuclear weapons, yet she’s the one in favor of the Iran Deal. The only thing that Hillary was really honest about was her Supreme Court aspirations, and she wore her radicalism on her sleeve. Her justices will uphold Roe v. Wade, overturn Citizens United, and likely lay siege to other elements of the first and second amendments. Hillary herself admitted that she was angry in response to the 2008 Heller decision, despite her claims of ‘supporting the second amendment.’ One thing is certain with a Clinton presidency – the complete perversion and destruction of the Constitution. As HRC continues to defeat Trump in polls around America, the future of America hangs in the balance.”

Trevor Vogel

“Clinton will be the next president. Why? Because this is how the US political system works and has always been working. Corruption and cronyism is what our government represents, and Clinton is the perfect face for that. The only positivity coming out of this election is people are beginning to become aware of how corrupt our election system is. They are beginning to challenge and question the status quo.

Trump calls out how Clinton serves corporate-America, the Saudis, and her donors who control her like a puppet. Once Clinton is elected into the presidency, the American people will go back to their state of ignorance, fully convinced that the our political system is set to serve their constitutional rights.

According to the USA’s low standards of a politician, Hillary Clinton fits that role just perfectly. She is the perfect politician: rehearsed, corrupt, and experienced. Trump must speak out against the corruption our government is responsible for if he hopes to gain momentum. The American people are waking up and a much needed revolution is due, a revolution of the mind.”

D.N. Chico

“This debate was actually a pleasant change of pace from the prior two. Chris Wallace did a wonderful job keeping the conversation on substantive, policy issues. For the most part, both Clinton and Trump remained civil throughout which still gave me hope for my otherwise dwindling view of our current affairs.

But whether Trump edged Clinton out or not, it frankly does not matter. She didn’t do anything to severely or even slightly damage her campaign. Clinton is currently trending upwards of 400 electoral votes, putting Republican strongholds like Georgia, Missouri, and Arizona into serious play. An irreversible tide has swept the final weeks of this election, and this election was over long before this debate.

Here’s to holding the House, and maybe even the Senate too (Thank you Marco Rubio).”

Cole Carlisle

“This debate was a do or die for Donald Trump.  This determined if his campaign would stay up and running or completely fall apart and end.  Donald Trump certainly did not die tonight.  This was personally his best debate and I believe this will ultimately positively affect his numbers in the polls.  Clinton did little to attack Trump and sounded extremely rehearsed.  Now, all biases aside (I don’t support Trump), I believe that Donald Trump won.  Clinton did little to elaborate why Trump was unfit to serve and instead reiterated old facts that have been heard time and time again.  The biggest difference between this debate and the previous debates was Trump remained calm and refused to take Clinton’s bait when she pressed him on controversial topics.  All in all, I don’t think this will affect the outcome in November a whole lot, but Trump should be able to relax slightly with a poll boost.  Overall, the winner of this debate was Trump.”

Nathaniel Beach

“From an intellectual standpoint neither Clinton nor Trump won this debate.  This debate was filled with many emotional appeals.  However, Trump did well when he attacked the many scandals and crimes surrounding Clinton.  This debated gravitated towards policy better than the previous two, both of which I found lacking.  I do not think this debate will affect the outcome of this election.”

Spencer Price