In 1974 Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency after mounting opposition from Congress over the Watergate Scandal. Scrutiny over Watergate was not a partisan issue. Both Republicans and Democrats came together to say that honesty and integrity transcends party lines. Hardly 15 Senators were behind Nixon by August of 1974, and it was his own party leaders who were calling on his resignation.

The same cannot be said this election cycle. Unfortunately, honesty has become a partisan issue. Time and time again, Hillary Clinton has been caught in one illegal activity after the other. Whether it be Benghazi, deleting emails that had been subpeoned, or using her ‘foundation’ for pay-to-play politics, Democratic Elites stand behind her. She has insulted the religious, has taken the blacks for granted, sold her power to foreign governments, and condemned women who were assaulted and raped by her husband. She is the complete antithesis to everything Liberal ideology is supposed to stand for. Hillary has rigged the media, fixed her own investigation, lied to the American people about Benghazi, and tried to avoid FOIA Law so that she could keep her illegal affairs out of the eyes of the American people.

We could sit here all day and talk about Hillary’s many, and I mean many questionable (illegal) decisions, but the bottom line is this: Hillary Clinton is a fraud, and a fraud like no other. Her morals and humanity are nonexistent. She is willing to rig a primary (and probably an entire election) to win the presidency, as we saw this past year in the Democratic Primaries when she silenced the voices of millions of young Americans looking for real change this election. What America’s new voters did learn this year was that the Democratic Party is the party of top-down politics. They are not for the people, the teacher, the police officer, or the single mom. They are for the corporate establishment and Liberal elites. Democrats at the top, the Congressman, the Super PACs, the Donors, (i.e. the ones who sit in their dens at night manically tapping their fingers together plotting ways to expand their organic groceries and hipster pastry shops), will not condemn the Clinton machine, even as undemocratic as it is.

So, if the top (Michael Moore) is not willing to do it, the grassroots Liberals, those who do care about democracy and equality should rally with Republicans and stand against the illegal practices of the Clintons. There are two legitimate candidates on the ballot this year, but only one can be held responsible for the deaths of four Americans. Only one chose to purge thousands of emails, probably to hide from criminal prosecution. Only one wears dresses that resemble that of a potato sack.

The Clintonian Democratic party has left America’s youth behind. If you really want to send a message to Washington, don’t vote for business as usual. A vote for Hillary is a vote for corruption. Vote for change because #HonestyIsntPartisan.