“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” said President Obama. A promise he made to every American. What he didn’t tell you (and for obvious reasons) was that he lied to you. Now here we are again on the topic of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), but this time I’m here to tell you that the law enacted to provide affordable healthcare to every American can’t even come through on its most basic of promises.

Recently, Obama’s own Health and Human Services Administration issued a report detailing how much they anticipate healthcare premiums to rise in 2017. And it’s not a little (because that just wouldn’t be bad enough!). Costs are projected to rise as high as 116 percent in some states and 22 percent on average. These changes are coming due to the halt in federal subsidies given to healthcare providers.

If Hillary’s emails, lying, corruption, backbreaking tax policies, and crippling economic plans weren’t enough to sway your vote away from her, surely double digit increases in your health care premiums will be. We can almost guarantee a Trump Presidency will repeal the Affordable Care Act and we can certainly guarantee a Clinton Presidency will keep things status quo. If you want a few (hundred) dollars put back in your pocket and maybe even some simplicity in this all too complicated life of health care, it is imperative you cast your vote for Mr. Trump this election season or you will never see affordable nor quality healthcare in your lifetime.

What our healthcare system needs is a return to an American way of doing things: less government and more choice. Removing the intrusive state and overbearing regulations of the Federal Government will open the door to more innovation in our healthcare and work to bring costs down. Another important step we take is to remove the state borders when purchasing healthcare. Currently, you are only allowed to purchase health care within your state, which constricts competition and raises the cost of healthcare. If we can remove these asinine policies and put in place common sense, less intrusive reforms, our healthcare will be in great shape. Now that is not to say all the issues facing our healthcare industry will be fixed, but a repeal and replace of Obamacare will certainly put us on a great path to recovery from the last eight years.