Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissenger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker, recently released a rattling video about Clinton corruption and quiet coups. According to Pieczenik, the Clintons have waged the world’s first silent, technology-driven coup; Pieczenik and other members of the intelligence community have come out explaining that they are in fact waging a counter-coup.

Comey, though Hillary explicitly broke federal law, let her off the hook soon after Bill Clinton held a private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Bill’s rape victims have been silenced, and DNC whistleblowers have been found shot dead. Some argue that these are coincidences, but how many coincidences do you need to connect the dots? To see a trend?

Pieczenik states that the Clintons have a web of corruption stretching from President Obama and Loretta Lynch to institutions like the CIA and FBI. He, among others in the intelligence community are coming forward to say, “Enough!” Obama has blamed the Russians for hacking the DNC and for other cyber attacks on Hillary’s campaign. Is it Russia, or could it be our very own intelligence community?


If America has a core that both has the information and the access in the intelligence community to expose corruption, along with the courage to stand up and fight for justice and transparency, America still has hope. On the other hand, if Hillary makes it into the White House, I do not doubt that the FBI’s reopened investigation will be swept under the table, the Clintons and Obama will walk away scot-free, those who spoke out against them will be dismissed as conspiracy theorists, and we will have ushered in the end of America as a bastion of integrity and morality to the world.

If you are on the fence or dislike Trump for any of the host of reasons the media has been so quick to highlight, please think of what a Hillary presidency would mean for the moral fabric of our nation. Once corruption gets into a government, it is hard – if not impossible – to remove. True democracy fails when corruption prevails. If you are pro-Hillary, first, I salute you for reading this. I agree that Trump is not an ideal candidate, to say the least; however, is it better to be responsible for escorting what could arguably be one of our nation’s most extensive corruption rings into the Whitehouse?

Coups call to mind violent images of a military overthrowing the government. But could an ideological coup take place under our noses? Wake up, America. When the intelligence community itself is hacking political institutions and working overtime to sway an election in order to prevent perhaps the most corrupt candidate in the history of the United States from entering office, picture1we better pay attention.

A week ago, Hillary had a double-digit lead in polls over Trump. Her victory seemed secure. Trump was history. Then came the Weiner probe. Then came a reopening of Hillary’s case. Then came a tightening in the race to the White House. I’d say Americans are fed up with her corruption and lack of trustworthiness. Let’s get out tomorrow and say so.