He did it. The political outsider defied the establishment and garnered enough votes to become the 45th president of the United States of America. Meanwhile, the left has gone nuts. The morning after the election, #NotMyPresident, #StillWithHer, and “What do we tell the children” were trending on Twitter.

Portland saw protestors marching in the streets early Wednesday morning amid heavy smoke and angry chants. Oakland protestors set fires across the city. Protestors chanted “F*** Donald Trump” outside the White House after Trump won. Universities are holding vigils. Some schools are even encouraging students to skip class if they need to grieve. Canadian immigration sites are crashing from overwhelming traffic. Mexicans are even welcoming disgruntled Americans (or perhaps illegal immigrants).


Really, America? In the day of enacting legislation against hate speech and creating campus safe spaces to avoid offense, we sure have become a bunch of sore losers. Is Trump ideal? No. But if you think Hillary was less corrupt and better for this nation, you really need to do your research. However, this article isn’t about explaining the pros and cons of each candidate. What’s done is done. Now chin up and live with it.

For those who are clamoring to leave, let me say this: if you take issue with the idea of making America great again, by all means, leave. This is a free country. Democracy still works. The people chose Trump. If you can’t take the results without a fit, perhaps you ought to go somewhere else. This is not North Korea; you can leave if you want to.

But if you stay, you by your staying confirm that you agree with the laws of the land. The laws have set up a democratic process with which the people have elected their candidate of choice. If you cannot live with that, don’t protest and rip America apart. There are plenty of wonderful countries around the world that would take a disgruntled American.

On the other hand, if you choose to stay in this country, stop fighting it and start fighting for it. Fighting against the president-elect or those who supported him does nothing. Again, what’s done is done. Violence will not help your cause. Do you love this country? Then stop throwing fits. Your reactions are dividing her. Grow up, and work with the results.

Trump is in, for better or for worse. There’s no changing that. Love him or hate him, it’s time to put aside our differences and work together to return America to the principles that made her great.