The Clinton campaign ran on the slogan “Love Trumps Hate.” The Democrats have once again proven that they are nothing more than crying hypocrites. I am furious. Democrats have flooded the streets of at least six major cities in the United States, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, to protest the new president-elect, Donald Trump. They’re chanting “not my president!” and setting fire to the American Flag. Angry Dems flocked to social media explaining that they were scared for their lives and vowed to fight tooth and nail against Trump.

I know this is going to come as a surprise to some of you Democrats, but you don’t get everything you want in life. Shocker. Grow up and stop your whining. Donald Trump is not going to take away your right to marry whoever you want or go full on genocide on Muslims. It’s the exact opposite in fact. We, Americans, decided to put Trump in office to protect our rights. RGP said, “Protests only work if human rights have been violated. Protesting for not getting your way is just crying”, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Hillary Clinton fought long and hard to bring a victory to the Democrats, but it just didn’t happen. Anyone, Democrat or Republican, can see how hard she worked and how disappointed she was when she lost. If you have ever worked a campaign, you know just how much time and effort goes into it and how much of a physical and emotional toll it can take on you and the candidate. My heart goes out to Clinton and the people who worked so tirelessly on her campaign and for a heartbreaking loss, but at the end of the day, she just wasn’t cut out for the job and that isn’t just my opinion; it’s the opinion of the majority of the American people. The Democrats idolized their candidate. They listened and clung to every word that came out of her mouth, but when her loss came and she gave her speech saying that even though the outcome wasn’t what they had hoped for, it was time to unify America and get behind Trump with an open and optimistic mind because “Love Trumps Hate.” What happened, Dems? What happened to clinging to Hillary’s every word and trumping hate with love? Not anymore. No, now you’re throwing fits. You’re lighting the flag on fire and revolting against the government that protects your right to burn that flag. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both told you and the rest of America that we need to mend this division in our country. Democrats blame Trump for insinuating the hate in our country, but they are the problem now, not the Republicans.

The hate from the Democrats towards Trump supporters is awful. I lost friends during this election because of who I voted for. I’ve been called a bigot, a racist, homophobic, the list is endless. I don’t hate anyone because of their ethnicity, religion, or sexuality. I voted for Trump because our country needs change and he can bring it. A friend of mine asked for a support group because she was constantly being harassed and bullied for who she voted for. It’s disgusting. Angry liberals on social media have been tweeting for white people to kill themselves and that they can’t wait for the rest of the white people to die off and when confronted about their pure hatred, they blame Trump for creating it. No. Trump didn’t tell you and prompt you to wish death on people. Could you imagine the kind of hell that would happen if white people were saying those things about minorities? There are some hearts on this Earth that humans can’t heal. That kind of hatred is rooted in your soul and it’s so sad. The people who voted for Trump and helped him reach that magic 270 were not just white people. The states and areas of those states that voted for him were comprised of more than just white people. Trump’s election wasn’t a white effort, it was an American effort.

At the beginning of this Election, if you asked anyone who they thought was really going to be President, hardly anyone would have said Donald Trump. I’ll admit that even during Election night, I was skeptical because I knew what I was thinking, but not what the rest of the country was. During FOX News’ Election Night Coverage, Eric Bolling said, “Brexit, the Cubs, Donald Trump. The underdogs, no one saw it coming”, and that’s exactly what happened. Donald Trump was an underdog. He was a billionaire businessman with no experience in politics and he was grossly underestimated. Millions of Americans don’t believe that their vote matters and 94 million Americans chose not to vote that day. Democrats thought that Trump was a joke and that he had no chance and that’s exactly why he won. The majority of Americans, including myself, think that Washington is in desperate need of a shake up. What a more perfect curveball to Washington than Donald Trump. They were so desperate that they fought hard for him and actually showed up to the polls on election day.

My mother voted for Hillary and I always give her a hard time. The morning after Election Day she said, “I hope he surprises us and does a good job.” This is the attitude that the rest of the Democratic party needs to have. The decent, mature democrats, the one’s I respect, the ones who don’t block me on social media because our opinions don’t line up, are the example. It’s over now. This is the reality. Was Donald Trump my first choice for President? Of course not, but you have to work with what you have. You have to adapt. Stop whining and adapt. Grow up and let’s stand together for a better America. Wanting Trump to fail is like hoping a pilot crashes the plane that you are on.