The former Disney star and now judge on the hit NBC TV show The Voice took to Twitter after Donald Trump’s upset victory early Wednesday morning. Miley expressed her shock and sadness through a video that appeared to be heartfelt and genuine. Within the first 20 seconds she did imply that half the country is closeminded, but we will look past that for now. She also said that Hillary deserves to be president at some point, but again we all know that won’t happen. What stood out was her accepting Donald Trump as her new president, and even offered to meet with him to talk about her point of views, in hopes of president-elect Trump getting to know why her and others like her believe the way she does.

Go ahead listen:

In all honesty, Donald Trump should meet with her and reach out to the POP community and those in Hollywood. Being a former reality TV show star, Mr. Trump could really make some inroads for the Republican party with that particular culture. What do you think?