Why are white people so hated around the world? It’s a simple question. Don’t just scoff and exit out of this article; keep reading and think about it with an open mind. We’ve all heard sentiments like these before: “Only white people can be racist,” “White people need to recognize their privilege,” “We should celebrate our diversity and multiculturalism,” etc. Tumblr and Twitter blew up with such statements after Donald Trump won the presidential election. If you voted against Hillary Clinton and her uber-liberal agenda, you’re obviously a white racist, and probably a sexist, too.  

In the United Kingdom, people who voted to leave the European Union so that they could have sovereignty and secure borders were branded as racists. Brexit was blamed on “old white people,” and those politically correct multiculturalists who lost the referendum protested and demanded a second vote. They just couldn’t understand why people would want to break away from the European Union and live on their own terms, especially since countries like France, Germany, and Belgium were doing so well with respect to immigration and terrorism.

In America today, socialist college professors lecture their students on the dangers of “white privilege,” and many students eat it up like candy. There are entire courses dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of racial minorities, but there are none dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of white people. Diversity and multiculturalism classes are oftentimes required in order to graduate college, and if you don’t “become educated” and accept mass immigration and open borders, you are branded a racist.

In America today, it’s acceptable for politicians to speak to the NAACP, AIPAC, LULAC, and other advocacy groups for minorities, but if someone dares to advocate for the interests of white Americans, they are branded a racist. For the past half-century, affirmative action programs have been pushed by politicians hell-bent on apologizing for America’s past. Instead of eliminating racism, affirmative action programs have added fuel to the fire by taking opportunities away from better-qualified white Americans and giving them to minorities based on their skin color. That has created a country where applicants for scholarships, job openings, political offices, etc., are judged more by their physical traits than by their actual qualifications.

Why are white people being subjected to so much hate and vitriol today? Why are we seemingly being blamed for every bad thing going on in the world? Why is it bad for us to vote in our best interests yet it’s okay for blacks, Jews, Hispanics, etc., to do the same? 

If you’re a liberal and you’re still reading this, you’re probably under the assumption that I’m a racist. If that’s true, then it just proves the necessity of this article. I wrote this article for a number of reasons, but it is aimed at all of the liberals out there who have accepted the idea of “white privilege.” White privilege is a racist myth invented by cultural Marxists to denigrate white people and our achievements. White people invented the Internet, automobiles, electricity, indoor plumbing, and modern antibiotics; created the United States of America and wrote the Constitution; defeated the Nazis and Communists; put men on the moon, stationed satellites in orbit, and sent the Voyager 1 probe into interstellar space; etc. If we have any special “privileges” today, it is only because our ancestors worked hard and were extremely resourceful and innovative. Practically everything that we have today we owe to them.

I’m not a racist. I believe in equal rights for all, and that truly means everyone, white people included. The worst kind of racist is the one who hates his own race and constantly apologizes for it. I love my heritage, and I want to see it protected.

Think of some of the most odious white apologists in America today: Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Martin O’Malley, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, etc. All of these people want us to believe that we are somehow contributing to America’s decline when we are the ones who built it. The day after the election, Samantha Bee was on television saying, “Once you dust for fingerprints, it’s pretty clear who ruined America: white people.” Well, yes, Ms. Bee, white people are ruining America, but not in the way you believe. It’s actually self-loathing whites like you who are ruining America. After achieving success, you talk down to the rest of us and expect us to take joy in the fact that we are slowly becoming a minority in our own country.

Ironically, she just can’t understand that it was because of condescending elites like her that Donald Trump won the election.

White apologists are currently being used as pawns by cultural Marxists to tear down the achievements of white people around the world. Why else would they advocate for open borders, mass immigration, affirmative action, and education curricula that promote white guilt, all of which are designed to diminish the influence of their own race? They are contributing to the suppression and ultimate extinction of the white race under the guise of “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” and it is sad to see. The cultural Marxists and worldwide mainstream media are trying desperately to incite a race war, and it is about time that its targets stand up and start fighting back.