15 of the Best Biden Memes

Many Americans will miss the nation’s first African-American President.  Many Americans are upset about the man who will be replacing President Obama.  Out of all of the enthusiasm and melancholy about the change of Presidents, most Americans will definitely miss the Biden and “Jobama” memes.

I hope you enjoyed these memes.  Although we’ll miss these memes, there surely are many more to come out of the Trump presidency.


Published by

Noah Hamai

Noah is a freshman at Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri, and is currently studying Political Science. He plans on attending law school and holding some sort of public office in the future. He has a passion for conservatism, politics, family values, the Saint Louis Cardinals, and sweet tea. He looks up to prominent past leaders, such as Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan. He loves talking politics and debating with friends and strangers.

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