Much like the Republicans in 2012, Democrats are running around like chickens, either headless or Chicken Little. Either they’re running around aimlessly and leaderless, or the world is ending, like the protests around the country would lead you to believe. One key difference is that Romney’s Republicans were hopefully optimistic in their electoral endeavors, whereas the Democrats had a slam dunk this year. When you have the sitting President, a tremendously popular First Lady, the Vice President, and a former President in your corner, a loss isn’t exactly expected. Somehow Hillary Clinton still managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But to be fair, the Democrats’ resounding defeat this year stems back much further than just Madam Clinton.

Since the rather centrist politics of Hillary’s husband, the Democrats have taken a hard turn to the left. Born with Al Gore’s fringe conspiracies, the Left has put a premium on making climate change their issue of the future. President Obama even put it a top of his Presidential agenda, eventually striking the Paris Accords with other global powers. And with celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio on your side, what is there to worry about?

…Apparently a lot. While something can be said about human impact on the climate, the Democrats made the grave error of trading away a solid base to acquire one that never existed. Hillary Clinton lost for a lot of reasons, but none might be as important, and forgotten, as the remark she made about coal miners.

“Because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right?” – Hillary Clinton

People in West Virginia heard this. Men and women of the Rust Belt did as well. In just one comment, Democrats made it blatantly obvious where their allegiance now lies. Whether you’re a coal miner in West Virginia or a factory worker in the Rust Belt, you now know that the Democrats care more about the dangers of climate change than your livelihood. In efforts to further appease more people, the Democrats lost exactly the base they were counting on. And with that, they lost the election.