“I cannot and do not care about the social consequences of what I do.” -George Soros

The idea of protesting has been perverted in the United States. What was once a collective idea where the people gather in unity to actively promote their ideas, has turned into a violent and despicable political tool used by the elite, which includes George Soros; who is one of the most controversial billionaires liberals refuse to talk about.

The “Not My President” protests are not organic or grassroots at all. They are organized, bought-for, and are being heavily influenced as a way of sparking division among the people.  Protesters are pocketing $15/hour to wave signs, block freeways and chant pointless platitudes while TRUE CORRUPTION flies right over their conscious. They are hypocritically supporting the elite forces they claim to be against.

Receiving a paycheck to protest speaks volumes about an individuals dignity. Protesters are supposed to be fueled by passion, integrity, and true desire to enact empowerment. Those who are spewing “Not My President” are pawns of the elite, serving the globalist agenda George Soros believes in.

Here is how George Soros is using his money to radically influence politics in the United States:


Aren’t liberals against Wall Street? Aren’t they against “money in politics”? Aren’t they against corporate greed and special interests such as The Koch Brothers? No they aren’t. They are rich hypocrites who will bend over to special interests if it means supporting their agenda, contradicting the overall meaning of Liberalism.