The Bernie Revolution was a Figment of Liberal Imagination

Endorsing Hillary Clinton is position that still haunts the Bernie Sanders “revolution.”  Bernie was a political and cultural icon for both progressives and independents. Hell, conservatives were also on-board with his message of “anti-establishment” and holding the government accountable , which was a reasonable alternative to the establishment puppet which is Hillary Clinton. His bizarre endorsement for Hillary is still having people scratching their heads. How can one subject themselves to such a degrading level?


Although his economic policies are borderline fantasy, his legacy is forever tarnished with absolutely no hopes of recovery. One cannot claim they are against the establishment, for equality, and care for the middle class while endorsing a candidate who cheated him out of the Democratic race. Bernie is a walking contradiction who will no longer be taken serious by people who are actually against the establishment and the corruption that occurs in Washington.

Bernie’s best bet is to recognize his dirty deed and accept that he is always going to be known as the man who flipped on not just policy, but his supporters who were left to dry in the rain. A lot of emotional millennials are still in line waiting for their free education, free college, and free lunch. The Bernie Revolution was a fantasy.




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