Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Everything about it: the season, the food, and watching football is wonderful. As we set aside this Thursday to show our gratitude, I’ve listed five things for which I’m thankful for.

1. Obama Will Soon Be Gone


January, 20, 2017.

The End of an Error.

Under President Obama, our country’s national debt has nearly doubled, ISIS has grown, and Obamacare has been proven to be a disaster. We elected our first black president yet race relations are terrible thanks to his race baiting agenda. We are less respected by our allies and not feared by our enemies. Thankfully, Obama will be soon be gone and we can start the much needed process of rebuilding our country.

2. Hillary Clinton Will NOT Be Our Next President


The more I think about, the more it scares me how close as a country we were to electing Hillary Clinton as our next Commander-in-Chief. We almost elected an evil, corrupt, lying globalist. That is scary. I’m very thankful for the scores of Americans who were not fooled by this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Had we elected her, it would have been like a third term of Obama, yet much, much worse.

3. President-Elect Trump


Whether you’re a Trump fan or not, I’m sure as fellow conservatives we can all agree that our country will be much better off under a Trump administration than it would have under another Clinton administration. I’m so glad we’ll finally have a president who puts America and it’s people first. I’m glad Trump supports the First and Second Amendments, understands the importance of having a secure border and a strong military, and will work to get our economy back on track.

4. The Supreme Court


One of the biggest issues that was facing our country this election was who would choose our next Supreme Court justices. Would Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? This was something I would strongly urge “Never Trump” Republicans I would come across to think about. Do you want a President Clinton choosing Supreme Court justices who would erase our Constitution and destroy our liberties? President-Elect Trump has promised to appoint justices who will uphold and defend the Constitution and the principles that made our country great.

5. America


This is America. We eat bacon, shoot guns, watch football, salute the flag, and stand for the National Anthem. As the saying goes, “Don’t like it? Leave it.” Though I hate the direction our country has been heading, and the people who’ve been running it, especially over the past eight years, I am thankful America is the greatest country on earth. I’ll fight to keep it that way. This generation of millennials that are being indoctrinated to despise America by our education system is sickening. If you hate America, I’ll help you pack.