Undoubtedly, government regulations restrain job creation, prevent growth by the private sector, are a waste of government spending, and are a waste of our tax dollars. There are environmental regulations, advertising regulations, employment regulations, and many, many other ridiculous regulations which will be listed below. Here are crazy government regulations that will make consider secession:

  • In Texas, every new computer repair technician must obtain a private investigator’s license.
    • Obtaining a private investigator’s license requires a degree in criminal justice or a three-year apprenticeship with a licensed private investigator.
    • Violating this law may result in a fine of up to $4,000 and a one-year imprisonment.
  • In Philadelphia, bloggers must purchase a $300 business privilege license.
  • It is illegal to wash a fish at a faucet if it is not a fish-washing faucet, in a national forest.
  • In any national park in Washington, DC, it is a federal crime to harass a golfer.
  • Consulting with a known pirate is violating a federal crime.
  • It is a federal crime to let your pet make a noise that scares the wildlife in a national park.
    • Because God forbid an animal do what an animal does.
  • It is a federal crime to skydive while drunk.
    • Well, I mean, this makes sense, but at least give us the freedom of choice!
  • If you want to sell anti-flatulent drugs, you must note that “flatulence” is “referred to as gas.”
    • Some people just need a dictionary.
  • It is a federal crime to attempt to change the weather without telling the Secretary of Commerce.
  • In Louisiana, monks must be fully licensed as funeral directors and convert their monasteries into licensed funeral homes before they will be allowed to sell their handmade wooden caskets.
  • In Lake Elmo, Minnesota, farmers may be fined $1,000 and put in jail for 90 days just for selling pumpkins or Christmas trees grown outside city limits.
  • A fisherman in Massachusetts was fined $500 for untangling a giant whale from his nets and setting it free.
    • What’s the problem? ¬†Apparently the fisherman was supposed to call the state authorities and wait for them to do it.
  • In Texas, only individuals with government licenses may refer to themselves as interior designers or use the term “interior design” to describe their work.
  • The U.S. FDA is projecting that the food service industry will have to spend an additional 14 million hours every year to follow new regulations that mandate all vending machine operators and chain restaurants must label all products so that the calorie count is visible to the customer.

Looking at these ridiculous laws and government regulations, it almost seems as if we are living in a communist society that takes every opportunity to suppress the free market. It is easy to see how these laws and regulations waste money, inhibit growth by the private sector, and prevent the growth of job creation. Donald Trump, the President-Elect, has vowed to “Drain the Swamp” and get rid of many government regulations so that small business can once again thrive on their own without fear of government intervention. If a President Trump can cut taxes and regulations, we would see a tremendous economic growth from all sides. The big businesses will be able to hire more employees, small businesses will be able to hire more employees and grow their business, and consumers will be able to spend more money they saved from tax cuts to further enhance the condition of the economy under a free market.