1. Fox News

Fox News is a great news media to watch as a conservative! Some people might refer to it as “faux news”, don’t listen to them. They are just jealous, liberal people with no culture. Personally I love Bill O’ Reilly. So, come to the Fox News side, we have the answers! CNN cannot compare. Get your friends to watch and keep it going!

2. Social Media

Everyone has some sort of social media these days. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc., follow different conservative accounts and share their messages with your friends and family. A Republican post a day will keep the liberals away! Or they’ll message you about your post, but don’t let that drive you away from sharing your beliefs. Educate yourself with facts and stand up for yourself and all Republicans everywhere!

3. Joining Republican Clubs

I once passed a giant building with the words “Democrat Club” written on the side. I then proceeded to tell my Dad that I was going to join and corrupt it from the inside out. If you have a club at school or in our town, join it and attend meetings they hold. Tell different people about the club and try and get more people to join. Keep the movement going. The more the merrier!

4. Anything Ronald Reagan is good

Ronald Reagan is one of the best people to look to as a conservative. The man was a political genius. The once liberal movie star became the face of the conservative movement. All the liberals know about Reagan; they think we worship him! Well… we might slightly… he was pretty amazing. If anyone asks why you’re a conservative, you should know why, but if you don’t, Ronald Reagan is always the answer.

5. Bumper stickers

Have you ever seen a really flashy or eye catching bumper sticker? Well I have, typically I laugh if I agree with it or think it’s funny. You always seem to be able to connect with that person after you see what they like. I mean what better way to make a connection with people than through a sticker on the back of a $20,000 or more vehicle? Anyway, a good way to let people know your values or what you think is a bumper sticker. Embrace your conservative values, let the whole world know! Slap a Republican elephant on the back of your car, or better yet a Ronald Reagan face or quote. Make people smile, or make people angry, either way you can have a good laugh about it if someone gives you the finger or something. Just makes you realize who the bigger person is.

6. Wear all things America

I own several political shirts. One with Ronald Reagan’s face that says, “You offended? Deal with it.” And another with an American flag that says, “Red, white, and better than you since 1776.” I bet you you’ll never see a liberal wearing one of those because they don’t want to “offend” anyone. As a republican, you should be proud of the country you live in, it’s your country.

7. Contribute at Think Right

We would love to have you write for us! Join our team! Get your ideas out there and put them on the internet! Let your opinion be heard! Go to “Join Our Team” on the homepage of the website and apply! Your opinion matters in the Republican world!

8. Get a Republican book club going

For those book worms that read all day every day, a republican book club would be great! Choose a conservative book to read (there are plenty!). After reading the book discuss what you agreed and disagreed with, no opinion is bad. If you have concerns talk about your concerns with the other people in your group and come up with your own opinion. Then, after reading the book, get your nose out of the book and share your opinion with the world!

9. By personal example

We all know about the riots going on all around the country. You didn’t see the Republicans going out and burning things down in the 2008 or 2012 elections, just saying. As a republican you need to be firm in your beliefs but also keep your cool and have a respectful debate when someone disagrees with you. Keep the conservative image clean, handle yourself with class and dignity. So at least that’s one less thing the liberal media cannot bash us on.

10. Don’t be shy

Alright, you’ve read this article. Now some of you will just shrug it off and let someone else do the things listed above. You obviously don’t have to do everything listed. Do what fits your personality better. Don’t just let someone else do it, you be that someone else. You be that small voice in a large crowd. All the thoughts you have in your head about what is going on in the world, put them out in the open. Get it out! Keep the republican movement going!