5 Absurd College Courses Offered by Public Universities

Many people of the world know that public universities in America serve as institutions for political leftism and intellectual incompetence. Oftentimes, one will hear stories in the news and in the media about how particular universities offer radical courses that solely exist to reflect what has now become this stereotype. But, how widespread is this characteristic amongst the colleges in the country? In order to solve this question, I decided to look at a variety of courses offered by state-funded public universities across the U.S. I compiled a list of a few courses that I happened to find in my research; ones that I believe show just how credible these institutions are.

  1. “EcoFeminism” – The College of New Jersey, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

According to the university’s course catalog, this course instructs its’ students on the idea that both women and nature are linked due to their oppression at the hands of dominating males in American society. So, if students at the College of New Jersey would like to obtain the ability to criticize society for using nature, and somehow dominating women as well, then this is a class worth taking.


  1. “Pornography and Culture” – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Communications Studies

This course teaches students about the historical, legal, and social implications of the pornography industry in the world. This is clearly an aspect of society that deserves extensive academic research at the expense of North Carolina’s taxpayer dollars. If there is one sure thing we can all learn from this, it is that any college course with a title of “pornography” has a high level of popularity amongst men, primarily those within fraternities.


  1. “(De)tangling the Business of Black Women’s Hair” – New York University, College of Arts and Sciences, Africana Studies – Social and Cultural Analysis

New York University has a reputation for offering a variety of courses that instruct students on knowledge that is both applicable and necessary in the real world. This class is just a prime example of that fact. By analyzing the hair industry of black women on a conceptual basis, you will be able to enhance your understanding and appreciation for the little insignificant threads of hair that grow on all of our heads.


  1. “From Ballet to Beyoncé: Gender and the Body in Dance and Pop Culture” – Florida State University, Humanities and Cultural Studies

After looking through the university’s course catalog, I hit the jackpot by finding this. The class looks at pop-culture figures, like Beyoncé, and the topic of dance as a whole in order to analyze the ways in which the human body expresses itself. Having an extensive knowledge of dance, pop culture, and the “Queen B” is vital for my academic and professional interests.


  1. “Approaches to Social Justice” – Oregon State University, Women/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Do you want to become a social justice warrior? Do you have a passion for finding offensiveness in every part of our society? If you answered yes to these questions, then this class is for you! This course will instruct you on the important skill of being able to analyze current events and non-representative case studies as a means of satisfying your own pre-conceived ideals about how everything is oppressive and unfair.

Colleges should be a place for students to further their education to open up more opportunities for their future.  Colleges should not be a place to push your political agenda while shaming others that do not agree with you.


Published by

Harrison Weeks

I am a student at Florida State University. I study political science and economics.

3 thoughts on “5 Absurd College Courses Offered by Public Universities”

  1. Your critique of college classes are mostly dealing with the humanities. The humanities offer a way of viewing the world in a different lens, that allows one to think creatively and critically. It allows one to better understand the world today and in the future. While it seems you have not taken those classes, if you were to take the classes I would love to hear what you would have to say afterwards making those comments.


  2. Just because a class is not centered around what you study does not make it any less important. These classes are not requirements and students are not forced to take them. Students only take these classes if they have interest in them.
    Pörn culture is fascinating. I have watched documentaries and read articles about the porn industry and I would take the Porn and Culture class at UNC. Maybe to your surprise, I am straight female, not a frat guy. (Did you have a source for that comment, by the way? Or were you just making an assumption)
    The tone you take in this article just makes you seem like an asshole.
    Get off your soapbox and stick to what you know. You didn’t take these classes and it doesn’t really seem like you know what you’re talking about.


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