The scam that is Obamacare rolls into 2017, this time with a fine of $695 for anyone who chooses not to purchase health insurance. The Obama administration soft-peddles this fine of course, by calling it the “individual shared responsibility payment”. This is meant to downplay the immorality of forcing somebody to purchase a good or service, or fine them for not purchasing said good or service. This underscores the evil coercion of socialism and why capitalism is the only moral alternative, more on that here.

The simple fact is that the free market relies on a voluntary exchange between consenting parties, while socialist programs use government force. This is clearly true with the Obamacare mandates.

The average cost of Obamacare premiums nationwide will rise another 25% in 2017, prompting many people to drop their health insurance entirely. The fact that Americans are risking not having health insurance because the costs are so astronomically high shows that this policy is crippling families across the nation. Wasn’t Obamacare about giving people health insurance, rather than taking it away?

Governor Mark  Dayton of Minnesota, once a proud supporter of Obamacare, has stated “the reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable.” Well color me shocked. It’s almost as if the $1.2 trillion yearly cost of the healthcare system is unsustainable. Some will rant on about the millions who have been given health insurance under Obamacare, but as the common economics question goes: at what cost? In this case, tens of millions of Americans across the country are seeing their premiums skyrocket while quality of coverage deteriorates, and the medical field is becoming a shell of what it once was. The fact is that the United States used to undeniably have the most advanced and efficient healthcare system in the world, that was until the left decided it was necessary to replicate the disastrous European and Canadian healthcare systems, to pursue “free” healthcare for all. Not only are the costs unbearable and the quality significantly diminishing, but this also sets a terrible precedent. If healthcare is a “right”, does this mean that the government will now provide every American a gun since the right to bear arms actually is a right? More importantly, does this mean that the government can force hospitals, restaurants, construction companies, etc. to provide their services for free? Nobody has a right to someone else’s labor, that is called slavery and America abolished it unlike some other nations, or are we going to replicate those countries’ policies as well? The dangerous precedent being set is the notion that goods and services that ought to be provided by the free market, are instead “rights” guaranteed by the government.

The objective evidence overwhelming shows that Obamacare is a complete and utter disaster. Governor Dayton is not the only member of the left admitting this as Piers Morgan, Bill Clinton, and many others have as well. One may wonder if Obamacare was designed to fail from the beginning, so that a single-payer healthcare system could be enacted. This may very well be the case, and that is quite frightening. The old capitalist versus socialist saying is clearly evident here:

“When capitalists can’t sell you a product, they’ll work to make it better. When socialists can’t sell you a product, they’ll say “you have to buy it; it’s the law!”‘

The Obamacare scam can be summed up by the fact that you can either buy health insurance through the government, or face a hefty fine for refusing to do so. For a nation conceived in freedom, this is unacceptable. We as Americans must fight to repeal this disastrous law and replace it with an alternative that allows us to choose our own healthcare plans, based on the needs of our families. A system in which healthcare providers compete for our business by providing the best quality care for an affordable price. A system where if we like our doctor, then we can actually keep our doctor. In order for a nation of people to truly be free, there must be a free market economy.