Donald J. Trump is a candidate like no other. He is not a Barry Goldwater, a Richard Nixon, and certainly not a Ronald Reagan. He is not a “traditional conservative” who won this election in a “traditional” way. Certainly, Mr. Trump is a traditional conservative; he is intelligent, savvy, and tenacious in his beliefs. However, his strong-willed, plain-speaking, flamboyant style strengthened his appeal to many unlikely voters. So, what does that make Donald Trump? It makes him just that — Donald Trump. After what has been a extremely colorful campaign, Mr. Trump will now assume the highest office in the land.

So how exactly did this happen? After all, no one thought that Donald J. Trump would become the 45th President of the United States, especially you, the “disgruntled millennial.”

First and foremost, it is important to realize that Trump not only used the Democratic playbook against them, he threw the entire book at them and hit them in the face. He played dirty, used condescending language, and told the people what they wanted to hear — the truth. As Democrats do, Trump gave these people terrific lip-service, but it was truthful lip-service about the state of the country, and the future of our world. Too bad if that offended you and hurt your feelings. I am afraid that you are outnumbered by blue-collar Americans who only proclaim to be intellectuals of common sense.

Like Democrats, Trump was greedy, but he was greedy in a good way. He wanted to steal every state he could from the Democrats as evidenced by his vigorous campaigning in states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Indeed, he did; he pulled out “YUGE” wins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio. Like a horse chasing a carrot in front of its face, the Democratic party abandoned these blue-collar workers because of money and power. Well, I guess the blue-collar workers just abandoned you as well.

And, for all the millennials who say Trump is stupid and uncreative, this is for you! He used Hillary Clinton’s greatest ally against her — the American, leftist media. Trump made the friend of his enemy his friend. And just to show you the sheer stupidity of the American media, the same media that you watch, the more they harped about him and about how he would make such a terrible President, the more media attention and coverage he got. After all, any press is good press, right?

It is, and Mr. Trump exploited it beautifully. Now that a month has passed since the election, it is time that you move on. Grow up! Newsflash: the real world is not your aspiration of fairies, cupcakes, rainbows, and unicorns. Unfortunately, we don’t live in Utopia. In the real world, you will not always get your way; there will be people that you disagree with, and you must get over it. And there will be people that you do not want to work with, but you will have to. Mr. Trump is one of those people because this is the real world.

What scares me is this:


Liberal millennials have crawled into a corner by the fireplace with their blankie, cup of hot chocolate, and coloring book (aka safe spaces). My generation is supposed to be leading the world in the coming years and this is how they are acting!? It is an embarrassment, not only to my generation, but also to our constitutional republic! My oh my, you sure are “adulting” quite well. You might as well stay there because you are obviously not ready to enter the real world.