On Thursday, Kellyanne Conway was appointed counselor to the president after guiding Trump to victory in November. She played a vital role in communicating Trump’s appeal and ideas to female voters on the campaign trail. With her generally soft-spoken approach that first attracted Trump, Ms. Conway was credited during the campaign – even by Democrats who opposed her – with smoothly handling some of Trumps most rugged accusations.

Conway is the first female campaign manager to help a candidate to the White House, yet you will never hear any “feminists” or voices from the left celebrate this achievement. “I wasn’t hired because of my gender. But it’s a special responsibility.” Conway told CNN. “I want to do right, apart from my gender – I want to do right as a campaign manager.”

Can you imagine if a Democrat woman was the first successful campaign manager? You would see special graphics created just for that occassion on every news network. I do not need the approval of the Left, and I do not believe Kellyanne does either, but how hypocritical is that?

She has been considered the “Trump whisperer” throughout his campaign mainly because she’s the only advisor he has seemed to really listen to. With her quick wit and sense of humor similar to his, it’s no wonder that Conway and Trump work so well together.

The major concern expressed with Conway’s appointment is that she will not have the time it takes to do her job, since she is a mother to four children. However, she has made it very clear that she believes that she can do both jobs well, and that she just may be better suited for the position than a man.

During a Thursday morning interview with Fox Business Conway took a jab at former president Bill Clinton and President Obama’s golfing habits by stating, “I would say that I don’t play golf, and I don’t have a mistress, so I have a lot of time that these other men don’t.”

Conway has more than 20 years of polling and research experience under her belt. She has worked for congressional candidates and recently served as president of Keep the Promise I, a PAC that advocated for former GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz. Clearly, Trump has picked the right woman for the job regardless of whether or not her success is credited by the left. Kellyanne Conway is a true women’s icon, not Hillary Clinton or any other hypocritical feminist.

Conservative women, let’s keep breaking those glass ceilings, and let’s prove we do not need the government or the approval of others to help us succeed.