President-elect Trump delivered brief remarks to the press outside of his Florida home on Wednesday, December 28 stating that Sprint will be bringing in 5000 jobs from all over the world and Satellite Startup OneWeb will bring in 3000 jobs. Japanese SoftBank will invest $1 Billion in OneWeb to help bring those 3000 jobs to America. President-elect Trump said he had a short phone call with the president of Sprint and is happy to have them bringing these jobs back.

Donald Trump announced more jobs from sprint

During the remarks, President-elect Trump said he had a “very nice conversation” with President Obama and that he appreciated the call. When asked about the United Nations, Trump said, “If UN lives up to its potential, it’s a great thing. If it doesn’t, it’s a waste of time and money.” President-elect Trump declined to comment on the speech given by Secretary of State John Kerry earlier today, but did tweet earlier in the day for Israel to “Stay strong.”

During his campaign, President-elect Trump promised to return jobs to American workers and put “America First.” We saw firsthand that he will have no problem getting directly involved with companies to keep jobs in America. Mr. Trump made a deal with Carrier air conditioner to keep roughly 1000 jobs in Indiana as opposed to those jobs moving to Mexico. On December 6th, President-elect Trump announced that Japanese telecom/internet conglomerate SoftBank will invest $50 billion in the United States to help create 50,000 jobs.

Recently, he has called on military defense leaders Boeing and Lockheed Martin to reduce the costs of their military and government projects. Mr. Trump vows to save Americans money on their taxes and took action by telling Boeing to lower the costs of their fighter jets. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, after meeting with Trump, said they will be lowering the costs of Air Force One. A big part of President-elect Trumps win with the rust-belt and the rest of America was the promise of cuttng taxes and regulations to help spur the economy left in stagnation because of  President Obama’s failed policies.