‘White Genocide’ Professor From Drexel Is Keeping His Job

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a Drexel University professor. The professor was nestled all snug in his bed, as visions of white genocide danced in his head.

On December 24th, a Drexel University professor, a prominent university in my home town of Philadelphia, tweeted out one last item to be added to his Christmas Wish list. No, it wasn’t a new microscope. His last wish was for White Genocide.

George Ciccariello Drexel University All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide Tweet


Yes, you read that correctly. George Ciccariello, an openly expressed communist, made this grotesque and ugly tweet just before Santa came crashing down his chimney to put coal in his stocking.

Drexel University caught wind of this PR nightmare and swiftly issued a statement, on both twitter and via electronic statement.

Drexel University response to White Genocide tweet

Drexel temporarily detested his comments and arranged for a meeting. All seemed right with the world, and I retired to bed ready to celebrate the joyous holiday.

Though, as it turns out, my sound slumber was falsely taken. Drexel held the hearing and released its rulings in secret. The university did not post it to their twitter page for the word to see. Rather, they buried it for only few to see. Here is the hearing’s decision:

FullSizeRender.jpg-1.jpeg-via Campus Reform

The institution called this tweet “protected speech” and that it should not be”taken at face value.” Is this a joke? Drexel took a full 180 degree turn on their original stance. Their initial statement was done facetiously to divert the public’s attention from the matter at hand. Instead of using transparency, the university shrouded itself in secrecy to release their ruling.

Also, since when have liberals cared about the constitution? Aren’t they the side that wants to punish “hate speech”?

The issue with this statement should be apparent Put the shoe on the other foot. If this tweet were to read “(X Race) Genocide”, the professor would be hung from the dragon on campus for the world to see. The school would swiftly terminate Ciccariello and quickly use this instance to show the school’s tolerance of everyone and rejection of hate speech.

Attending school in the city and having been born and raised here my entire life, this tweet strikes a nerve with me. This is not the principles by which Philadelphians embody. Our founder, William Penn, believed vehemently that we are all connected by our love for each other. Drexel should be ashamed of their violation of this founding principle.

This tweet is another example of the left’s recent gambit of playing identity politics. They cry about and fight for the suppression of “hate speech”. Though, if the “hate speech”, fits their narrative it is applauded and praised. Go ahead, Liberals, keep using your hate-filled rhetoric. We, Conservatives, will continue to blast your intolerance word-by-word, and we will continue to welcome those joining our side amidst the self destructive course you set upon.


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Kyle Westerfer

Twitter: @kylewesterfer

2 thoughts on “‘White Genocide’ Professor From Drexel Is Keeping His Job”

  1. This is really sad… I can’t belive people have allowed themselves to rationalize to the point of this… to the point of denying scientific truths, to accepting government’s control on our economic system, to allowing people to break any custom/law/tradition based on how they “identify”, and now to allowing and accepting threats of genocide. Then we go further than that and allow the man who promotes genocide to mold minds… wake up America

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  2. To bad you didn’t spend a little more time condemning the man and his remarks, instead of using the article to twist into an attach on Liberals. You actually come off at the end as some what supportive, as long as it’s anti liberal. Keep the False News in the News


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