On Tuesday, January 10th, 2017, Barrack Obama delivered his farewell address in the city of Chicago. The address served as a way for Obama to proclaim that he will be forever remembered and admired because of his great legacy, one that includes: the amelioration of our civil society, the expansion of the economy, the progress towards world peace, and the precedent for transparency. This, however, is merely the result of his proclivity for self-aggrandizement. Obama’s declaration that his administration is one of success is simply a false narrative. His administration has been one dedicated to: the performance of unscrupulous actions, the ignorance of reality, and the rejection of veracity. His great legacy will not be full of hope, progress, and change. Instead, it will be marked with lies, corruption, and failure.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care is a prime example of this. The setup of the policy was misguided, for its success was contingent on the amount of people that would sign up for health insurance. This was to be achieved through the government’s mandate that the people must acquire health insurance. Despite the efforts of this mandate, which was unconstitutional in its very nature, not enough people signed up for health insurance. As a result, insurance premiums rose significantly, which is something that will continue. More so, Obama claimed that families could keep the doctors of their choice under the healthcare policy, which actually turned out to be false.

Obama expanded the size of the government significantly during his administration, which resulted in an existential increase in the overall level of debt. Obama’s stimulus package, which was a response to the financial crisis, contributed to this as well. The overall economy under the Obama administration experienced some of the slowest growth this country has seen. Obama’s claims that the unemployment rate has decreased are true. But, when looked at in conjunction with the significant decrease in the labor force participation rate it is apparent why the unemployment rate has actually gone down. These are a result of the enhanced business regulations made by the Obama administration.

Obama’s claims of success in regards to foreign relations are fatuous in nature as well. He pulled the troops before the Middle East could be stable enough to thrive on its own, and as a result it fell into chaos. ISIS was also able to grow significantly once the troops left the area. The administration downplayed the cruel nature of Bashar al-Assad as well, and once the dictator started to attack his own people, the administration refused to provide sufficient military support. Obama did nothing to stop the advancement of Russian military forces into the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine, as well as their infiltration in the Syrian conflict. The Iranian Nuclear Deal that his administration supported provided Iran, a country at odds with western civilization, with the capacity to develop nuclear weapons in the near future. Lastly, Obama’s claim that no terrorist attack has taken place in our country that was orchestrated by a terrorist organization overseas was simply a way for him to narrow down an issue so much that it makes him appear to be successful. Radical Islamic terror has grown significantly in the world under Obama’s watch. This is a result of his refusal to properly accredit ISIS-inspired attacks to radical Islam, as well as his inability to propose rational policies to combat them.

The notion that Obama’s administration was honest and competent is also false. Obama lied about the true nature of the Benghazi incident and Hillary Clinton’s private email server. He utilized executive orders as a way to go around congress and implement whatever policies suited his own interests, such as when he wrongfully declared that five million illegal immigrants would be protected from deportation. He also used the departments and agencies of the executive branch, such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice, in order to usurp his Constitutionally provided powers.