At Think Right Politics we work to bring relevant news and commentary that inspires conservative thought among millennials. We are not just another name in the world of politics. We do not crumble when under pressure from the elite. We do not simply exist to be a mouthpiece for the status quo. We exist to be a thought influencer for a generation that desperately needs to stop… and think.

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Bridget Rossi

Ethan Gibson

Ethan Gibson is a Freshman at Duquesne University located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a Staff Writer for Think Right Politics. Ethan worked for the PA Republican Party alongside the Trump Campaign during the 2016 election and continues to find ways to support conservatism across the United States. You can find him on Twitter @egibss

Juan Ramirez

Juan David studied Political Science and a Master of Science in Political Studies, at the Pontifical Bolivarian University, in Medellín, Colombia. He's also a professor at the same institution and a sounded political analyst on local and colombian media, often talking about the most shocking issues of latin american politics and international relations, from populism to terrorism and other global trends.

Tim Murcek

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