Women’s March Greatest Threat to Free Expression

America’s whitest, loudest, (and dare I say biggest) snowflakes congregated in cities all over the country on January 21. Just one day after Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. To protest what? We do not know. At first glance one might think “women’s issues” (whatever that means), moved on to killing babies, then they discussed gay rights, and then talked about racism, and finally ended on calling President Donald Trump a Nazi (original).

As one can easily figure out this march was politically charged. It had no real purpose but to whine and protest the newly elected President. There was no single common goal, there was no discussion of how to fix these goals, just malcontents complaining about how America did not decide to have it their way (mind you, America had been doing “their way” for eight years and saw little progress).

First off, no matter what you have been told, women do not make 77 cents to a man’s dollar for equal work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2015 report, the average woman’s take home pay is 83 percent of that of a man. On the surface, that’s a big problem, but with a few control factors, that gap is quickly wiped away. For example, the average woman works between 36 to 38 hours per week, as opposed to the average man who works between 42 to 44 hours per week. On a 40 hour work week that’s between a 10 to 20 percent increase. Keeping pay fair, that means a man should make between 10 to 20 percent more than women on average. That doesn’t even take into consideration the types of jobs that women usually take as opposed to men. Throughout the country, women tend to choose jobs that allow them to stay close to home, have more flexible schedules, and do not require much travel or risk. Typically, these types of jobs have higher paychecks attached because of the added inconvenience, risk, and stress involved. On top of all of this, Time Magazine ran a study in 2010 that found, in the 50 largest cities in America, when job title, marital status, education, and experience is kept equal, women are paid 108 percent of what men make. Think what you will, but basic statistics wipe away the myth of a gender wage gap very quickly.  

What you also will not hear from the leftist media is that out of every 100 occupational fatalities, 93 of them are men. Following the same logic these demonstrators propose, would they also support making sure an equal amount of female workers die to males? Would they strive to insure a complete balance of occupation related deaths in the name of equality? No, because that is absurd, but demanding an employer to pay a women an equal amount to her male counterpart even though she worked less and has less experience is quite the advantage all over a mere difference in reproductive organs. Or, as Hillary Clinton advocated during one of her debates, that women should be paid the same as men regardless of their quality of work! Also, It is worth pointing out the same people who marched holding signs saying “I’m a vagina voter” will also be the first to tell you that your reproductive organs do not make you a woman. Let that sink in.

The march itself is proof women do not have issues. They enjoy the same right to peacefully assemble, the same right to vote, the same freedom of speech and of the press and all the other rights guaranteed by the Constitution as men. However, the greatest threat to these rights, most specifically, the right to life, and the right to free expression were the Women’s Marchers themselves. Women who wanted to join the march, but were also Pro-Life were not invited to “fight for their rights” alongside these other women. Are these women who believe in the sanctity of life less than female because of their beliefs? Are they not good enough because they do not conform to the lack of brain cells under those pink knit hats?

Look, I could go on forever about all of the double standards the Women’s March carried with them, but I will stop at just this last one. It is truly amazing that the Women’s Marchers can hold signs with the most profane, obscene, and disgusting language you could possibly think of toward women and smile, but President Trump was condemned so quickly by the media for using these same words.

Maybe instead of creating problems where there are none and condemning the President of the United States before he has even served a full day in office, they should have discussed the women in Saudi Arabia who cannot drive, or the girls in Pakistan who do not receive even basic education. Those on the left wouldn’t dare confront the horrifying reality Muslim women face, for it is too politically incorrect. In case you were unaware, pedophilia and the denial of basic human rights is permissible on the grounds of religion.

The reality is there are real issues that women in our world face today, but those who participated in the Women’s march do not care about other women, just their own self-esteem (or lack thereof). They are the misinformed lead by the malicious, and they are America’s special snowflakes.


4 Reasons for the Electoral College

After a decisive loss for former Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College, it is quite easy for her supporters to call for the Electoral College to be abolished. “A democratically indefensible anachronism that dilutes minority votes while disproportionately amplifying whites votes,” as Slate.com described it. Never mind the fact they said it should remain in 2012, but that was an Obama victory. Also, I would like to point out for the record that I have supported keeping it in 2012, and 2016, looking at only the system itself and not the victor. Clinton did win the popular vote against President-elect Trump, but before you attack the Electoral College as an “instrument of racism” (because it supported Trump, so it obviously must be racist) or an “archaic mechanism of the eighteenth century” here are four reasons the Electoral College should stay.

1. Smaller states have a voice

Without the Electoral college, large states would pick the President and small states (in population) like Alaska, Delaware, Vermont, North and South Dakota, Hawaii, and Idaho would have no say in electing the president. The Electoral College does favor larger states, but it gives some voice to the smaller states and insures they have a stake in this election.

2. The midwest would have no say

In 2000, 50 percent of the U.S. population lived on the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico, and 16 percent of the population lived along the Pacific coast. With 66 percent of the population living along the coastlines, the midwest would have no part in the election process as the coast has a decisive advantage in the popular vote.

3. States maintain sovereignty in elections

The Electoral College gives the states an added level of sovereignty in the elections process. State by state control of the elections is far more trusted than a completely federally operated system. The states can pick their electors, decide when to vote, how the polls will work, and what times they will open and close. Not to mention, decentralizing control of the elections mitigates issues concerning election machines and recounts. If a nationwide recount had to occur, elections would be even more laborious and take much longer. Being able to isolate an issue down to one state insures that other states aren’t affected by the issue.

4. Candidates can strategize campaigns

The Electoral College forces candidates to appeal to “swing states” states with a diverse racial, socioeconomic, and political palate. Trump campaigned heavy in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and in the last few days Michigan to sway voters and was successful in doing so. With a system based on popular vote, candidates could go to heavily populated areas and turn large amounts of highly partisan voters instead of appealing to diverse populations. It allows for general support over the nation instead of increasing sectionalism.

The Electoral College isn’t a tool of racism or an archaic system designed to keep power in the hands of wealthy elites, it is a system that insures states are involved in Presidential elections and forces candidates to unite the nation by developing a national strategy than focusing on heavily partisan areas.


Obamacare Premiums Skyrocket in 2017

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” said President Obama. A promise he made to every American. What he didn’t tell you (and for obvious reasons) was that he lied to you. Now here we are again on the topic of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), but this time I’m here to tell you that the law enacted to provide affordable healthcare to every American can’t even come through on its most basic of promises.

Recently, Obama’s own Health and Human Services Administration issued a report detailing how much they anticipate healthcare premiums to rise in 2017. And it’s not a little (because that just wouldn’t be bad enough!). Costs are projected to rise as high as 116 percent in some states and 22 percent on average. These changes are coming due to the halt in federal subsidies given to healthcare providers.

If Hillary’s emails, lying, corruption, backbreaking tax policies, and crippling economic plans weren’t enough to sway your vote away from her, surely double digit increases in your health care premiums will be. We can almost guarantee a Trump Presidency will repeal the Affordable Care Act and we can certainly guarantee a Clinton Presidency will keep things status quo. If you want a few (hundred) dollars put back in your pocket and maybe even some simplicity in this all too complicated life of health care, it is imperative you cast your vote for Mr. Trump this election season or you will never see affordable nor quality healthcare in your lifetime.

What our healthcare system needs is a return to an American way of doing things: less government and more choice. Removing the intrusive state and overbearing regulations of the Federal Government will open the door to more innovation in our healthcare and work to bring costs down. Another important step we take is to remove the state borders when purchasing healthcare. Currently, you are only allowed to purchase health care within your state, which constricts competition and raises the cost of healthcare. If we can remove these asinine policies and put in place common sense, less intrusive reforms, our healthcare will be in great shape. Now that is not to say all the issues facing our healthcare industry will be fixed, but a repeal and replace of Obamacare will certainly put us on a great path to recovery from the last eight years.

A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for Corruption

In 1974 Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency after mounting opposition from Congress over the Watergate Scandal. Scrutiny over Watergate was not a partisan issue. Both Republicans and Democrats came together to say that honesty and integrity transcends party lines. Hardly 15 Senators were behind Nixon by August of 1974, and it was his own party leaders who were calling on his resignation.

The same cannot be said this election cycle. Unfortunately, honesty has become a partisan issue. Time and time again, Hillary Clinton has been caught in one illegal activity after the other. Whether it be Benghazi, deleting emails that had been subpeoned, or using her ‘foundation’ for pay-to-play politics, Democratic Elites stand behind her. She has insulted the religious, has taken the blacks for granted, sold her power to foreign governments, and condemned women who were assaulted and raped by her husband. She is the complete antithesis to everything Liberal ideology is supposed to stand for. Hillary has rigged the media, fixed her own investigation, lied to the American people about Benghazi, and tried to avoid FOIA Law so that she could keep her illegal affairs out of the eyes of the American people.

We could sit here all day and talk about Hillary’s many, and I mean many questionable (illegal) decisions, but the bottom line is this: Hillary Clinton is a fraud, and a fraud like no other. Her morals and humanity are nonexistent. She is willing to rig a primary (and probably an entire election) to win the presidency, as we saw this past year in the Democratic Primaries when she silenced the voices of millions of young Americans looking for real change this election. What America’s new voters did learn this year was that the Democratic Party is the party of top-down politics. They are not for the people, the teacher, the police officer, or the single mom. They are for the corporate establishment and Liberal elites. Democrats at the top, the Congressman, the Super PACs, the Donors, (i.e. the ones who sit in their dens at night manically tapping their fingers together plotting ways to expand their organic groceries and hipster pastry shops), will not condemn the Clinton machine, even as undemocratic as it is.

So, if the top (Michael Moore) is not willing to do it, the grassroots Liberals, those who do care about democracy and equality should rally with Republicans and stand against the illegal practices of the Clintons. There are two legitimate candidates on the ballot this year, but only one can be held responsible for the deaths of four Americans. Only one chose to purge thousands of emails, probably to hide from criminal prosecution. Only one wears dresses that resemble that of a potato sack.

The Clintonian Democratic party has left America’s youth behind. If you really want to send a message to Washington, don’t vote for business as usual. A vote for Hillary is a vote for corruption. Vote for change because #HonestyIsntPartisan.