This Week’s Edition of Liberal Hypocrisy…

Outgoing President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Private transgender Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, who was supposed to serve a 35-year sentence for leaking Military secrets. Manning was convicted in 2013 for violations of the Espionage Act for leaking key Military documents to Wikileaks. The battlefield reports were used by Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, putting a lot of people in danger. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) put it perfectly, “I don’t understand why the president would feel special compassion for someone who endangered the lives of our troops, diplomats, intelligence officers, and allies.”

Bradley Manning
Chelsea Manning was convicted in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act

Make no mistake, Manning is not a whistle-blower, but a traitor to his country. She stole 750,000 documents from the Army, making it impossible for her to know what was in all those emails. Democrats applauded the efforts of President Obama, again another example of hypocrisy from the left. Democrats hate the leaking of documents when it hurts them but when it fits to their narrative they have no problem with it. During the election campaign, Democrats were outraged about Russia sponsoring the leaks of John Podestas emails. The leaks unveiled shady dealings related to Clinton and her stint as Secretary of State and with her campaign staff. Since it severely damaged her campaign, the left was staunchly against Wikileaks and Julian Assange. The left can’t have it both ways; if you don’t like what Assange did than you can’t support the commutation of Chelsea Manning. It also begs the question of whether Chelsea would have gotten this commutation if she were still Bradley Manning. In today’s politically correct world, Manning’s diagnosis of having gender dysmorphia could have swayed the decision of President Obama. Marco Rubio did not mince words when disagreeing with the decision of President Obama, stating

Marco Rubio had strong words for President Obama

“Private Manning violated an oath as a member of the U.S. military and endangered the lives of fellow service members and individuals in contact with the U.S. government around the world….It is shameful that President Obama is siding with lawbreakers and the ACLU against the men and women who work every day to defend our nation and safeguard U.S. government secrets.”

As the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump nears, more and more House Democrats are planning to skip the inauguration in an attempt to deem President-elect Trump’s win as illegitimate. As it stands, 60 House Democrats have committed to skipping, including Representative John Lewis who recently made his tendentious comments about Trump not being the legitimate president. John Lewis did a lot for civil rights but he is out of line here and furthering a divide in our nation in which needs coming together. Mr. Trump won the election fair and square, the voters chose him. Lest we forget back during the debates when Hillary and the Democrats said Trump’s unwillingness to accept the election results was a direct threat to our democracy. So, it is safe to say now that what the Democrats are doing is sour grapes, and they need to get over it.  It’s also no surprise that of the 60 House Democrats, a combined 22 are from deep blue California and New York.

President-elect gave his views on the matter in an interview with Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt: “He(Lewis) got caught in a very bad lie, so let’s see what happens. As far as other people not going, that’s ok because we need seats so badly.” The lie Trump is referring to is Lewis made the claim this was the first inauguration he would be skipping, when in fact he also skipped the inauguration of George W. Bush. The Democrats are playing a dangerous game, risking future Inaugurations to strictly being a partisan occasion. The event is supposed to signify the peaceful transfer of power but the transition process has been anything but that.

During an interview with CNN, Paul praised Lewis as a civil rights icon but said he shouldn’t be immune to criticism.

No Democratic Senators have pledged to skip yet but Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) did leave that door open, saying “I think each person has to make the choice on their own, but I don’t begrudge those who have said they’re boycotting. Each person can make his or her own decision.”


Grandstanding Democrats Question Cabinet Nominees

There is no possible way for Democrats to block the cabinet nominations of President-elect Trump, but that didn’t stop them from grilling each nominee for their own personal agenda. Grandstanding Democrats Cory Booker (D-NJ), Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren (D-MA), and Kamala Harris (D-CA) had no problem disconcerting themselves at the confirmation hearings.

Cory Booker breached hundreds of years of Senate decorum by becoming the first sitting senator to ever testify against a colleague at a confirmation hearing. Senator Booker said it would way on his conscious if he didn’t. Booker urged his colleagues to vote against the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, throwing around the term “racist” like it was going out of style (of course, with Democrats it never will).

This was nothing more than Booker setting himself up for a presidential run in 202, taking orders from the power players of the Democratic Party. He wants to be the next Obama, and so far, he’s living up to that legacy of ineffective hypocrisy.

Booker and Sessions previously worked together on civil rights issues

Just last year, Booker said he was “blessed and honored” to have worked with Senator Sessions to honor civil rights marchers.

Republicans wasted no time going after Booker. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), who is black, condemned Booker’s racist ravings, saying, “I have always respected Senator Booker as a colleague. This is not a decision I would have made.”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) also weighed in, saying of Booker, “This hearing simply offers a platform for his presidential aspirations. Senator Booker is better than that, and he knows better.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren had no problem ripping into Housing and Urban Development nominee Dr. Ben Carson, asking whether any taxpayer HUD money would go to Trump and his family. President-elect Trump has not even taken office yet and Warren is already accusing his administration of creating an office full of corruption.

After receiving the question from Warren, Carson responded “I can assure you that the things that I do are driven by a sense of morals and values, and therefore I will absolutely not play favorites for anyone.”

Senator Warren questions Dr. Carson during his nomination hearing for HUD
Apparently her ears were filled with the sound of Indian war drums, because Warren continued to question, “Do I take that to mean you may manage programs that will significantly benefit the president-elect?” Dr. Carson, patient and kind as ever, repeated he would be fair to all Americans and not favor anyone.

Warren likes to think of herself as the champion of the little guy. In reality, she is a fraud. Remember when she lied  about being Native American to secure a teaching position at Harvard making $400,000 for a single class?

I guess at this point we should just be thankful she wasn’t calling Dr. Carson a racist!

Senator Kamala Harris used her time in the hearing to question CIA nominee and former Congressman Mike Pompeo on whether he believed in climate change. Kamala brought up reports from NASA and current CIA director John Brennan which cited the scientific consensus on man-made climate change being a threat to the world.

Kamala asked, “Do you have any reason to doubt NASA’s findings?”

Pompeo responded, “Senator Harris, I haven’t had a chance to read those materials with respect to climate change. I do know the agency’s role there. Its role is to collect foreign intelligence, to understand threats to the world—that would certainly include threats from poor governance, regional instability, threats from all sources, and deliver that information to policymakers. And to the extent the changes in climatic activity are part of that of that foreign intelligence collection task, we’ll deliver that information to you all and to the president.”

Former Congressman Pompeo at his confirmation hearing earlier today
Whether you believe climate change is a major threat to the world today or not, its foolhardy for someone like Kamala to say it should be the top priority of the CIA. Let’s let the CIA actually do its job, like fighting Islamic terrorism, keeping an eye on Russian relations, and gathering global intelligence.

Despite all three Democratic Senators efforts to enhance their public image, they’ve just wasted everybody’s time. Republicans will be able to pass all of these nominations with just 51 votes.

Jeff Sessions Will Bring Back Law and Order as Attorney General

President-elect Donald Trump tapped Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to serve as his Attorney General and act as the nation’s top lawyer. With the announcement of Sessions as AG, there was immediate negative reaction from the Democrats as claimed they would do anything to block the nomination.

Among the chief complaints was Session’s failed 1986 bid to become a judge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. Though he got a lot of support for his nomination, including President Reagan and then Alabama Senator Jeremiah Denton, he was opposed by the NAACP and ACLU. The NAACP accused Sessions of being “un-American,” “communist inspired,” and “racist.” Black assistant U.S. attorney Thomas Figures claims Sessions called him a “boy” and made a joke about not liking the KKK until he found out they smoked pot. Sessions denies the allegations of calling Figures a boy and made it clear his statement about the KKK was made in jest. An incredibly thorough account of these allegations can be read here, which clearly outline this no more than a witchhunt and an effort to make the Trump transition as difficult as possible. The Republicans did not go through all this effort to block the nominations of President Obama, the Democrats should follow suit.

Top Adviser Kellyanne Conway said of the Democrats “I think the Democrats will overplay their hand here, and they will be blamed.”

Democrats don’t want to bring up the fact that Sessions as the Attorney General of Alabama was heavily involved in seeing a Klan member charged with the death penalty after the murder of a young 19-year-old black man. Sessions as the Alabama AG oversaw the death of Henry Francis Hays, the first white man executed in Alabama for murdering a black person since 1913. Sessions continued to fight for civil rights in Alabama and was even praised by important individuals in the civil rights movement. Barry Kowalski of the Civil Rights Division said of Sessions:

“Senator Sessions could not have been more supportive of our investigations, and in the Michael Donald case specifically, he personally contributed to making sure his killers were brought to justice.”

Sessions at his court hearing in 1986

Sessions has an impeccable resume and there’s no one more qualified for the job than him.

  • U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama
  • 44th Attorney General of Alabama
  • United States Senator from Alabama since 1997

Jeff Sessions will bring back law and order to a country desperate to curb the growing crime in cities like Chicago and the continued targeting of police officers across the country. Sessions introduced a bill in the senate to pin down the definition of an illegal criminal alien, helping to prevent events like the death of Kate Steinle. Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA-ILA, tweeted this out in support of Jess Sessions as violence in Chicago continues to grow.

Sessions will go through a 2-day hearing where he will be grilled by Democrats in a final effort to block his nominee. However, only a simple majority is needed for Sessions to be confirmed, so without a doubt Jeff Sessions will be the next Attorney General.

Is Obama’s Outrage With Russian ‘Hacking’ Political Instead of Factual?

Top intelligence officials including convened Thursday for a hearing to discuss the Russians involvement with hacking our elections. Washington Post ‘sources’ said agencies had intercepted communications in the aftermath of the election showing senior Russian government officials celebrating Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton.

Intelligence claims Putin favored a Trump win

According to the Washington Post:

“CIA and other agencies claim that Putin’s goals went beyond seeking to undermine confidence in America’s election machinery and ultimately were aimed at tilting a fiercely contested presidential race toward a candidate seen as more in line with Moscow’s foreign policy goals.”

NBC news says the suspected Russian hacking targeted the DNC, but also the White House, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the State Departnment. President-elect Trump questioned why NBC was given intelligence before he was briefed and called for action.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said Russia’s attempt to hack was “an unprecedented attack on our democracy”, while Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) minced no words when referring to retaliation against Russia, citing President Obama threw a “pebble” with regards to sanctions and would have thrown a “rock” at the Kremlin. Graham warned that Republicans could be next to get hacked and to take cyber-security seriously.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange made it clear that his source for the leaks was not the Russian government.

“Our source is not a state party. So, the answer — for our interactions — is no … Our source is not the Russian government. It is not state parties.”

Assange said he was not trying to help Trump win the presidency and that he simply wanted “to give the American people true information about the players that they were going to have to deal with.”

During his interview with Sean Hannity, Assange said of the DNC emails:  “A 14 year-old kid could have hacked Podesta’ emails”

President-elect Trump continues to question and downplay the intelligence communities report on Russian hacking. After meeting with top intelligence officials on Friday, Trump iterated he had a “constructive” meeting but still had questions as to the extent of Russia’s cyber-attacks. Trump again took to twitter, blaming the DNC for being vulnerable to attacks:

After getting called out for his support for Assange and not the intelligence community, Trump responded:

Americans have a right to question and have an opinion of the extent to which Russia has been involved in our election process, but the Obama Administration has been one of the least transparent in modern history. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper gave false testimony back in 2013 to Congress with regards to NSA spying. Then there was a recent report on Friday that Russian hackers penetrated the electrical grid of a Vermont utility. Burlington Electric Department said they had found code associated with Russian hackers on an employee’s computer. It was later reported that this was not true and Russia had no involvement. Jon Karl of ABC asked this question to WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

“So when the Chinese hacked OPM in 2015, 21+ million current and former government employees and contractors had their personal data stolen by the Chinese. Why did the White House do nothing publicly in reaction to that hack? Which in some ways, was even more widespread than what we saw here from the Russians?”

It brings up a valid point. Russia and China have multiple times launched cyber stack on the United States. However, President Obama never instilled sanctions or any type of punishment. This time around, it seems purely political.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

Until further evidence is provided Americans should be skeptical. No one wants Russia meddling in our election process. However, let’s not stretch the truth and risk worsening relations with Russia.

The declassified report can be read here:




Paul Ryan Re-Elected as Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan reelected as Speaker of the House for the 115th Congress
Paul Ryan reelected as Speaker of the House for the 115th Congress

It was a busy opening day for the 115th Congress, as former and new Congressional members were sworn in to officially kick-start the two-year term. House and Senate Republicans, who fully control the bicameral legislature, wasted no time implementing their agenda and outlining what the next couple of years will look like. Senator Mike Enzi (R-WYO) introduced a resolution that would repeal President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, using a budget resolution to do so. A budget resolution allows the Republicans to bypass the normal 60 votes and just need a simple majority in the Senate to get the resolution passed. President-elect Trump during his campaign vowed to make it his top priority to repeal Obamacare and received lots of support from fellow Republicans.

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) retained his role as Speaker in the House by unanimous decision, with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) the lone member to not vote for speaker Ryan, instead voting for Republican Daniel Webster of Florida’s 10th district. After his election speaker Ryan gave a brief speech to the House, highlighting the need for them to come together and work for the American people.

To the American people:

“Now we, their elected representatives, must listen. I just want to say to the American people: We hear you, we will do right by you and we will deliver.”

To Republicans

“The people have given us unified government, and it’s not because they were feeling generous. It was because they want results. How could we live with ourselves if we let them down?”

To Democrats:

“Agreement whenever possible, but at all times respect.”

And to both Republicans and Democrats:

“Today as one body, we pledge allegiance to one flag; the red, white, and blue.”

Paul Ryan giving speech before congress after being reelected as Speaker of the House

Late Monday night, House Republicans led by chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Robert Goodlatte (R-VA), approved legislation to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics which was created in 2008 to being accountability to Congress to help prevent corruption and scandal. The bill received immediate backlash from both Democrats and Republicans, including House Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. It didn’t take long for President-elect Donald Trump to give his opinion on the matter, sending out a series of tweets:

After facing bipartisan criticism, House Republicans who supported the motion eventually backed down and reversed their decision to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. When asked for comment, Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) said “We were elected on a promise to drain the swamp and starting the session by relaxing ethics rules is a very bad start.” Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) added “People didn’t want this story on opening day.” However, some Republicans were still defending the bill, with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) saying of the Ethics office: “It has damaged or destroyed a lot of political careers in this place, and it’s cost members of Congress millions of dollars to defend themselves against anonymous allegations.” 


5 Terroristic Countries on American Welfare


  1. Pakistan – $742,200,000 planned for FY2017

The United States continues to give out aid to Pakistan, who somehow continue to remain off the list of countries sponsoring terrorism around the world. Pakistan has received $15 billion over the past decade from the United States, despite ongoing efforts to enhance their nuclear capabilities. Pakistan has recently threatened India with nuclear weapons, and the Pakistani defense minister, Khawaja M. Asif, sent out this tweet again threatening nuclear retaliation.

Pakistan continues to condemn and persecute Christians and anyone else who dare go against their state religion. The popular figure Asia Bibi, a Christian mother, remains on death row in Pakistan for the 7th straight year. There is also the controversy of whether Pakistan knew of the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, who reportedly took shelter there for up to 5 years.

  1. Saudi Arabia – $10,000 planned for FY2017

Though $10,00 is not a huge sum of money, the U.S. since 2009 under President Obama has also offered over $115 billion in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. These weapons have been found in the hands of radical jihadist throughout the Middle East. During the Wikileaks dump, it was revealed that then Secretary of State Clinton told her campaign chairman John Podesta the Saudis were helping to fund ISIS both financially and logistically.  The email stated

We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

As one of the leaders in state sponsored Islamist terror, the United States should not be giving Saudi Arabia any type of aid or support. With President-elect Trump vowing energy independence, the Saudis have nothing to offer.

  1. Syria – $238,470,000 planned for FY2017

If we are being realistic, the United States aspirations for a terror free Syria is farfetched and not likely. Efforts to arm Syrian rebels at the hopes of defeating ISIS has backfired, with the weapons ending up in the wrong hands. According to a pew research poll, 65% of Americans don’t think the United States or its allies should be arming and aiding Syrian rebels. Recently appointed Lt. General Michael Flynn has been a vocal advocate against arming rebels and not to support radical jihadists. When asked during the interview whether we the United States should stop supporting these groups, Flynn simply answered “yes.” President of Syria Bashar al-Assad has been to known to be brutal to his own people, often gassing them. President Obama has tried his hand at overthrowing Assad, but his methods of arming rebels has backfired. The U.S. should end all money going towards that effort and stop trying regime change in the region.

  1. Qatar – $35,283 (FY2015) , $0 planned for FY2017

The other country besides Saudi Arabia to be linked to the funding of ISIS in the wikileaks email sent by then Secretary Clinton is Qatar. The United States has sent Qatar foreign aid in the past, as well as $11 billion in arms that include apache helicopters. Qatar should be more involved taking in refugees from Syria. They also should be doing more in Yemen to help with their civil war against the Houthi rebels and ISIS militants in the region both trying to overthrow the current government.

  1. Iran – End the Iran Nuclear Deal – $400 million payment – up to $150 billion once all agreements are in place (estimates differ)
The U.S. delivers $400 Million in cash to Iran off of an airplane
The U.S. delivers $400 Million in cash to Iran.

The well-known Iran Nuclear Deal is a total disaster and needs to be top priority for President-elect Trump when he takes office January 21st. The Iran deal will provide Iran with a cash handout as sanctions are eased and assets are unfrozen. Does anyone truthfully think Iran will stop making nuclear weapons? This only furthers them to legitimize it and build their stockpile of uranium. The $400 million was conveniently given at the same time 4 US troops were released to return home to the United States. These payments to Iran must stop.

Countries not mentioned above like Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan should also be reconsidered for foreign aid or at least the amount they receive. The bottom line is the United States should start to rethink some of the aid they are giving out overseas and take care of things at home first. The Veterans Administration needs a huge overhaul; it is unacceptable for Veterans to be waiting in line for care and dying in the process. We have a crumbling infrastructure that President Obama never seemed to get fixed. Most importantly, our debt as a country continues to balloon and the deficit continues to grow. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has it right, let’s not give money to countries that hate us and don’t adhere to our advice.

Trump Announced 8,000 More Jobs Are Coming to United States

President-elect Trump delivered brief remarks to the press outside of his Florida home on Wednesday, December 28 stating that Sprint will be bringing in 5000 jobs from all over the world and Satellite Startup OneWeb will bring in 3000 jobs. Japanese SoftBank will invest $1 Billion in OneWeb to help bring those 3000 jobs to America. President-elect Trump said he had a short phone call with the president of Sprint and is happy to have them bringing these jobs back.

Donald Trump announced more jobs from sprint

During the remarks, President-elect Trump said he had a “very nice conversation” with President Obama and that he appreciated the call. When asked about the United Nations, Trump said, “If UN lives up to its potential, it’s a great thing. If it doesn’t, it’s a waste of time and money.” President-elect Trump declined to comment on the speech given by Secretary of State John Kerry earlier today, but did tweet earlier in the day for Israel to “Stay strong.”

During his campaign, President-elect Trump promised to return jobs to American workers and put “America First.” We saw firsthand that he will have no problem getting directly involved with companies to keep jobs in America. Mr. Trump made a deal with Carrier air conditioner to keep roughly 1000 jobs in Indiana as opposed to those jobs moving to Mexico. On December 6th, President-elect Trump announced that Japanese telecom/internet conglomerate SoftBank will invest $50 billion in the United States to help create 50,000 jobs.

Recently, he has called on military defense leaders Boeing and Lockheed Martin to reduce the costs of their military and government projects. Mr. Trump vows to save Americans money on their taxes and took action by telling Boeing to lower the costs of their fighter jets. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, after meeting with Trump, said they will be lowering the costs of Air Force One. A big part of President-elect Trumps win with the rust-belt and the rest of America was the promise of cuttng taxes and regulations to help spur the economy left in stagnation because of  President Obama’s failed policies.