Kellogg Community College Students Arrested for Handing out Constitutions

Oh, the irony: arresting several students for distributing pocket Constitutions, allegedly prohibiting the educational process on campus at Kellogg Community College (KCC) in Battle Creek, MI. Apparently, asking college aged adults if they like freedom and liberty is so offensive and obstructive to the educational process that campus supporters of Young Americans for Liberty must now be represented in federal court by the attorneys at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). You can check out the formal complaint here.

Students Michelle Gregoire and Brandon Withers are supporters of YAL and were asked to leave campus. When they refused, they were arrested.

Since when did distributing a public, historic, and formally well-respected document in a public location become grounds for arrest?

Evidently, when KCC adapted their 2016-17 Student Handbook. KCC reserves the right to censor its students, and censor them they did. On September 20, 2016 these students were on an open walkway on campus, asking questions such as, “Do you like freedom and liberty?” to students passing by. As YAL is not a registered student organization at the college, they were arrested for trespass and in violation of the solicitation policy listed in the student handbook. The solicitation policy states:

“Soliciting activities on campus are permitted only when the activities support the mission of Kellogg Community College (KCC) or the mission of a recognized college entity or activity. Non-College organizations may conduct solicitation activities on campus only when lawfully sponsored by a recognized College entity. All organizations desiring to conduct soliciting activities on campus must adhere to College policies and procedures. Solicitation shall not impede or interfere with College business, the education process, or public access to and use of the College grounds. The College reserves the right to stop any solicitation when it interferes with or disrupts the normal activities of the College; interferes with the educational process; or violates any of the conditions covering solicitation under this policy. All solicitation activities must have prior approval from Student Life.”

As if other students were unable to continue walking or choose not to engage with the YAL supporters. Again, this is a college campus. With “adults.”

Yet one of the college administrators seems to think that passing out Constitutions and engaging in conversation with other students, especially those from surrounding rural areas, is an obstruction to the education KCC provides.

“[He is concerned that] students from rural farm areas…might not feel like they have the choice to ignore the question.”

Luckily, the ADF has come alongside these students to help dissolve an unconstitutional policy.

“Today’s college students will be tomorrow’s legislators, judges, commissioners, and voters,” said ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox. “That’s why it’s so important that public universities model the First Amendment values they are supposed to be teaching to students.”
This campus is supposed to be a place which encourages free thought, a place where ideas are challenged, a place where people can change and be changed so they can go out into the world and make an impact. By censoring these individuals, and all individuals attempting to revolutionize their peers’ way of thinking, the college promotes a culture of apathy, safety, and indifference- none of which is going to align with the mission statement that seems to be so precious:


So once again, oh the irony. The irony of arresting students for handing out a document protecting them from arrest. If it weren’t so sad, I might laugh.


‘White Genocide’ Professor From Drexel Is Keeping His Job

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a Drexel University professor. The professor was nestled all snug in his bed, as visions of white genocide danced in his head.

On December 24th, a Drexel University professor, a prominent university in my home town of Philadelphia, tweeted out one last item to be added to his Christmas Wish list. No, it wasn’t a new microscope. His last wish was for White Genocide.

George Ciccariello Drexel University All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide Tweet


Yes, you read that correctly. George Ciccariello, an openly expressed communist, made this grotesque and ugly tweet just before Santa came crashing down his chimney to put coal in his stocking.

Drexel University caught wind of this PR nightmare and swiftly issued a statement, on both twitter and via electronic statement.

Drexel University response to White Genocide tweet

Drexel temporarily detested his comments and arranged for a meeting. All seemed right with the world, and I retired to bed ready to celebrate the joyous holiday.

Though, as it turns out, my sound slumber was falsely taken. Drexel held the hearing and released its rulings in secret. The university did not post it to their twitter page for the word to see. Rather, they buried it for only few to see. Here is the hearing’s decision:

FullSizeRender.jpg-1.jpeg-via Campus Reform

The institution called this tweet “protected speech” and that it should not be”taken at face value.” Is this a joke? Drexel took a full 180 degree turn on their original stance. Their initial statement was done facetiously to divert the public’s attention from the matter at hand. Instead of using transparency, the university shrouded itself in secrecy to release their ruling.

Also, since when have liberals cared about the constitution? Aren’t they the side that wants to punish “hate speech”?

The issue with this statement should be apparent Put the shoe on the other foot. If this tweet were to read “(X Race) Genocide”, the professor would be hung from the dragon on campus for the world to see. The school would swiftly terminate Ciccariello and quickly use this instance to show the school’s tolerance of everyone and rejection of hate speech.

Attending school in the city and having been born and raised here my entire life, this tweet strikes a nerve with me. This is not the principles by which Philadelphians embody. Our founder, William Penn, believed vehemently that we are all connected by our love for each other. Drexel should be ashamed of their violation of this founding principle.

This tweet is another example of the left’s recent gambit of playing identity politics. They cry about and fight for the suppression of “hate speech”. Though, if the “hate speech”, fits their narrative it is applauded and praised. Go ahead, Liberals, keep using your hate-filled rhetoric. We, Conservatives, will continue to blast your intolerance word-by-word, and we will continue to welcome those joining our side amidst the self destructive course you set upon.

Sanctuary Campuses Should Be Defunded

Illegal immigration is one of the biggest problems that America faces. By most conservative estimates, there are at least 11 million illegal aliens currently living in this country. Between education, healthcare, and other government-funded benefits, our country spends over $100 billion per year taking care of them. That kind of spending is not only immoral but completely unsustainable, and something needs to be done about it quickly. 

Few issues trigger liberals more than illegal immigration. Unable to make the clear distinction between legal and illegal immigration, they label all those who oppose their radical ideas as “anti-immigrant xenophobes.” In the wake of President-elect Donald Trump’s impressive victory over Hillary Clinton, many irate liberals on colleges campuses all across the country are now demanding that their campuses become sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

The University of Pennsylvania, for example, recently declared that it will not cooperate with federal immigration officials should they come to its campus. In an email to the entire student body, Amy Gutmann, the school’s president, said, “The University of Pennsylvania will continue to advocate passionately for comprehensive immigration reform.” In her view, illegal aliens deserve no less than blanket amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. She doesn’t believe that there should be any penalties for people who knowingly broke our laws.

No matter how you slice it, illegal aliens broke the law. Approximately 40% of them came here legally but overstayed their visas, but that is just as illegal as crossing the border without the proper status and documentation. No person who knowingly breaks the law and then tries to get away with it should ever be rewarded. Illegal aliens don’t deserve amnesty or a pathway to citizenship, and they shouldn’t be rewarded with taxpayer-subsidized healthcare or education, either.

Any school that tries to establish itself as a sanctuary for illegal aliens should be immediately stripped of its public funding. Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize utter lawlessness that rewards illegal aliens for taking advantage of our country. 

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas agrees that sanctuary campuses should be defunded. This is not the first time that he has taken a bold stance on illegal immigration, either. On November 27, he announced on Twitter that he would be signing a bill banning sanctuary cities in Texas. 

There already are more than 300 so-called sanctuary cities in America that shield illegal aliens from deportation. Their lawlessness has led to the tragic deaths of countless innocent Americans, like Kate Steinle of San Francisco. On July 1, 2015, she was murdered by an illegal alien who had previously been deported five times. Our federal government has utterly failed to enforce the law and to permanently remove criminal illegal aliens from our streets. Sanctuary cities are a threat to the rule of law and to the safety and security of millions of Americans. Just like sanctuary campuses, they should be defunded.

Sanctuary campuses are a slap in the face to the millions of legal immigrants who have come to our shores over the years seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Legal immigrants are determined to work hard, follow the law, become American citizens, and achieve the American Dream. Illegal aliens, on the other hand, don’t believe that the same rules apply to them. They believe that they can openly flout our laws, jump in line ahead of those who came here the right way, and be rewarded for it. It is unfair that people can just cross the border illegally or overstay a visa and be completely absolved of any criminal wrongdoing.

Sanctuary campuses are also a slap in the face to the millions of well-qualified American citizens and legal immigrants who are denied the opportunity to attend college because admission quotas are reached before they can be admitted. It is wrong when illegal aliens can be admitted in their stead, and it is all the more ironic that many college students are fully in favor of turning their schools into sanctuaries for them. All of the college liberals who are protesting for sanctuary campuses should ask themselves, “Would I willingly give up my space to an illegal alien?” If the answer is no, then they should stop protesting and displaying their sheer hypocrisy to the world. 

Illegal aliens understand that they broke the law. They also understand that President-elect Trump is going to enforce the law, which is why they are begging their cities and colleges to protect them. Any cities or colleges that oblige the demands of illegal aliens should be immediately stripped of public funding. They not only abuse hard-earned taxpayer dollars, but they threaten the concept of the rule of law upon which our country was built.

5 Absurd College Courses Offered by Public Universities

Many people of the world know that public universities in America serve as institutions for political leftism and intellectual incompetence. Oftentimes, one will hear stories in the news and in the media about how particular universities offer radical courses that solely exist to reflect what has now become this stereotype. But, how widespread is this characteristic amongst the colleges in the country? In order to solve this question, I decided to look at a variety of courses offered by state-funded public universities across the U.S. I compiled a list of a few courses that I happened to find in my research; ones that I believe show just how credible these institutions are.

  1. “EcoFeminism” – The College of New Jersey, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

According to the university’s course catalog, this course instructs its’ students on the idea that both women and nature are linked due to their oppression at the hands of dominating males in American society. So, if students at the College of New Jersey would like to obtain the ability to criticize society for using nature, and somehow dominating women as well, then this is a class worth taking.


  1. “Pornography and Culture” – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Communications Studies

This course teaches students about the historical, legal, and social implications of the pornography industry in the world. This is clearly an aspect of society that deserves extensive academic research at the expense of North Carolina’s taxpayer dollars. If there is one sure thing we can all learn from this, it is that any college course with a title of “pornography” has a high level of popularity amongst men, primarily those within fraternities.


  1. “(De)tangling the Business of Black Women’s Hair” – New York University, College of Arts and Sciences, Africana Studies – Social and Cultural Analysis

New York University has a reputation for offering a variety of courses that instruct students on knowledge that is both applicable and necessary in the real world. This class is just a prime example of that fact. By analyzing the hair industry of black women on a conceptual basis, you will be able to enhance your understanding and appreciation for the little insignificant threads of hair that grow on all of our heads.


  1. “From Ballet to Beyoncé: Gender and the Body in Dance and Pop Culture” – Florida State University, Humanities and Cultural Studies

After looking through the university’s course catalog, I hit the jackpot by finding this. The class looks at pop-culture figures, like Beyoncé, and the topic of dance as a whole in order to analyze the ways in which the human body expresses itself. Having an extensive knowledge of dance, pop culture, and the “Queen B” is vital for my academic and professional interests.


  1. “Approaches to Social Justice” – Oregon State University, Women/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Do you want to become a social justice warrior? Do you have a passion for finding offensiveness in every part of our society? If you answered yes to these questions, then this class is for you! This course will instruct you on the important skill of being able to analyze current events and non-representative case studies as a means of satisfying your own pre-conceived ideals about how everything is oppressive and unfair.

Colleges should be a place for students to further their education to open up more opportunities for their future.  Colleges should not be a place to push your political agenda while shaming others that do not agree with you.