Thank You to the Democrats Who Accepted the Loss Respectfully

By no means has the last year of being a Republican been an easy one. Especially living in a state that turned red on November 8th, 2016 for the first time in the 21st century. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I’ve been called a racist, sexist, pig-headed person because of who I voted for. Yet, the people who called me that don’t know me. How do you know I embrace any of those qualities if you’ve never met me?

Although the morning of November 9th, 2016 had an outcome few American’s expected, what I didn’t expect was to be afraid to walk to class. I saw videos of riots, people inviting me to events on campus encouraging protesting “racist, sexist, bigoted people”. I didn’t expect to have random girls from high school comment on Instagram pictures from weeks ago, asking me why “I hate Hispanics” … still trying to figure that comment out to this very moment…! I have been told all day, how I am the problem. How I am what’s wrong with America. How I am the person that is responsible for the destruction of all of the country’s work. And I’m just sitting here at my desk thinking, wow I must be drunk a lot in college because I don’t recall causing any of that.

To the Democrats who are upset with the decision that America made, you should be entitled to your choice. You should be allowed to write paragraph long rants about why our country is changing and why you are praying that Donald Trump does a better job than you think. You should be able to exercise your freedom of speech, good for you. But what you can’t do, is blame this on me. It’s not my fault that you’re unhappy with the decision. It’s not my fault that Trump says unruly things and people agree with him. It’s not my fault that America picked Trump! If I never voted, this result would be the same.

My point in all of this is to say thank you to the people who voted for Hillary Clinton and accepted her loss with humbleness. To have friends and family members tell me; “I love you no matter who you voted for” or “I’m sure this was a successful day for you, you put a lot of time into this and I’m proud of you for how you’ve mobilized millennials”, that’s how people should be reacting.

I am one person, and so are you. Share your love, compassion, and political activism in a positive manner, even in a time when you don’t believe in the decisions being made. So to the people out there who accepted this loss in a respectful manner, you’ve won a victory that I hope one day I hope this beautiful country will.


Clintons and Coups: Intelligence Community Backlash

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissenger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker, recently released a rattling video about Clinton corruption and quiet coups. According to Pieczenik, the Clintons have waged the world’s first silent, technology-driven coup; Pieczenik and other members of the intelligence community have come out explaining that they are in fact waging a counter-coup.

Comey, though Hillary explicitly broke federal law, let her off the hook soon after Bill Clinton held a private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Bill’s rape victims have been silenced, and DNC whistleblowers have been found shot dead. Some argue that these are coincidences, but how many coincidences do you need to connect the dots? To see a trend?

Pieczenik states that the Clintons have a web of corruption stretching from President Obama and Loretta Lynch to institutions like the CIA and FBI. He, among others in the intelligence community are coming forward to say, “Enough!” Obama has blamed the Russians for hacking the DNC and for other cyber attacks on Hillary’s campaign. Is it Russia, or could it be our very own intelligence community?


If America has a core that both has the information and the access in the intelligence community to expose corruption, along with the courage to stand up and fight for justice and transparency, America still has hope. On the other hand, if Hillary makes it into the White House, I do not doubt that the FBI’s reopened investigation will be swept under the table, the Clintons and Obama will walk away scot-free, those who spoke out against them will be dismissed as conspiracy theorists, and we will have ushered in the end of America as a bastion of integrity and morality to the world.

If you are on the fence or dislike Trump for any of the host of reasons the media has been so quick to highlight, please think of what a Hillary presidency would mean for the moral fabric of our nation. Once corruption gets into a government, it is hard – if not impossible – to remove. True democracy fails when corruption prevails. If you are pro-Hillary, first, I salute you for reading this. I agree that Trump is not an ideal candidate, to say the least; however, is it better to be responsible for escorting what could arguably be one of our nation’s most extensive corruption rings into the Whitehouse?

Coups call to mind violent images of a military overthrowing the government. But could an ideological coup take place under our noses? Wake up, America. When the intelligence community itself is hacking political institutions and working overtime to sway an election in order to prevent perhaps the most corrupt candidate in the history of the United States from entering office, picture1we better pay attention.

A week ago, Hillary had a double-digit lead in polls over Trump. Her victory seemed secure. Trump was history. Then came the Weiner probe. Then came a reopening of Hillary’s case. Then came a tightening in the race to the White House. I’d say Americans are fed up with her corruption and lack of trustworthiness. Let’s get out tomorrow and say so.


Where the GOP goes beyond 2016

I’ll save you from the apocalyptic theatrics. The Republican party is one of the two most established institutions in America. No matter how much strife there is among the establishment and Trump, despite a sharp divide in the base, the GOP will survive 2016. With that said, the future of the party looks like a long, dark road into the unknown. There will be a lot of soul searching and a lot of conferences among the elite on where we go. Maybe we’ll get another use autopsy report. I’ll present two possible scenarios, based on the outcome of the first Tuesday after the first Monday this November, on where the party can go forward.

A) Trump wins. In 2 to 1 odds, Trump wins every coin toss and barely eclipses 270. In the next four years, the agenda of Paul Ryan and a populist agenda of a President Trump will need to be reconciled. Who knows, maybe Paul Ryan won’t even be speaker come the next session of Congress. Either way, the vast number of conservative legislators who disavowed their nominee will have to come to terms with their decision. Either they stand firm, or fall back in line. For Mr. Trump, a day of decision making will come to him the day he enters in the Oval Office. All campaign season,  Trump has flip flopped from issue to issue, never setting camp up for too long in way area. Will he push for a wall? Will their actually be a muslim ban? Does he actually think that single-payer healthcare is the solution to Obamacare? What about trade deals? If these issues are the agenda he pushes, my best guess is there will be a very large plurality of Republican congressman who will not support the Administration. In order for Trump to pass anything, he’ll likely the need the support of some Democrats. If this is the case of the next four years, don’t be surprised if we see a reprisal of the Republican nomination of 1976. *Cough* Rubio…or Ryan…or Gowdy? *Cough*

B) The more likely of the two scenarios; Trump loses. Probably not by as much as projected a couple of weeks ago (A 400 electoral landslide for Clinton), but nevertheless, another shot at the White House slips through our hands once again. Honestly if Trump loses, the future of the party is anyone’s best guess. Here’s mine: I think Trump understands the influence he now carries. Over 40% of the Republican base is likely now loyal to him for years to come. Will he start is own news network? I wouldn’t doubt it. I think what we will see for the next decade is future Republican candidates walking a fine line between the approval of Mr. Trump, and the support of the establishment and conservatives as well. If Trump chooses to wield the power he now holds, every national candidate for the foreseeable future will need to get the stamp of approval. Long standing policies might be walked back a little. Relentless support of free trade might dwindle. A more isolationist approach to foreign policy could come, and an overall shift to the center could be the near future of the Republican party. But don’t fret. This is our generation’s mid 20th century. Relentless defeat and divisiveness of the 1960’s, compromised conservatism under Nixon, but a conservative revival followed. Our conservative revival will come. One thing is sure about the future of the party, leaders such as Nikki Haley, Tim Scott,  and Marco Rubio will make their mark in American politics.

Down-Ballot Races to Watch on Election Day

Election Day 2016 is finally upon us, which means that the agony of the past year and a half will soon be over. The presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has captured the nation’s attention, and rightly so. However, the down-ballot races for the House, the Senate, and state governorships are just as important, if not more so, than the presidential election. Here are a handful of the most important down-ballot races to watch on Election Day.

Florida Senate Race: Marco Rubio vs. Patrick Murphy

This is arguably the most important down-ballot race around the country; control of the Senate might well be decided by its outcome. Senator Rubio did not enter the race until late June, leaving him well behind Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy in terms of fundraising. Still, most polls consistently show Senator Rubio in the lead. An NBC/WSJ/Marist poll conducted from October 25-26 gave him an eight-point lead over Congressman Murphy. Despite his opponent having endorsements from President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Hillary Clinton, Senator Rubio looks poised to win re-election, which will likely keep the Senate in Republican hands.

Pennsylvania Senate Race: Pat Toomey vs. Katie McGinty

According to CNBC, this race has become the most expensive Senate race in U.S. history. Republican Senator Pat Toomey is running for a second term against Katie McGinty, an Obama-endorsed former environmental policy advisor to President Clinton and Vice President Gore. While the race is virtually a dead heat, recent polls have given a slight edge to McGinty. A CBS/YouGov poll conducted from October 26-28 put her three points ahead of Senator Toomey. Pennsylvania elected a Democratic governor in 2014 and re-elected Democratic Senator Bob Casey Jr. in 2012, so all signs point towards a narrow win for McGinty.

New Hampshire Senate Race: Kelly Ayotte vs. Maggie Hassan

This race is another virtual dead-heat which pits one-term incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte against the state’s Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan. Senator Ayotte pulled her support of Donald Trump in the wake of the release of the Trump/Billy Bush audio tape, and then ironically saw her own support take a hit. An NBC/WSJ/Marist poll conducted from October 20-24 gave Senator Ayotte a one-point advantage. Along with the elections for Senate in Florida and Pennsylvania, this race in New Hampshire will prove crucial in determining whether or not Republicans maintain control of the Senate.

Indiana Gubernatorial Race: Eric Holcomb vs. John Gregg

This race gained serious attention when the current governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, dropped out in July in order to be Donald Trump’s running mate. He was replaced on the ticket by Eric Holcomb, who is the state’s current lieutenant governor. His Democratic opponent, John Gregg, is a former Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives who narrowly lost to Pence in the 2012 Indiana gubernatorial election. Most polls consistently show Gregg leading Holcomb by several points; a Gravis Marketing poll conducted from October 22-24 gave him a four-point advantage. No Democrat has won an Indiana gubernatorial election since 2000, but it looks as though that is about to change.

North Carolina Gubernatorial Race: Pat McCrory vs. Roy Cooper

Perhaps the hottest gubernatorial election in America this year, it pits the incumbent governor, Republican Pat McCrory, against Democrat Roy Cooper, who has served as the state’s attorney general since 2001. Governor McCrory has been under constant fire since March 2016 for signing the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, or HB2, the notorious “bathroom law.” A CBS/YouGov poll conducted from October 26-28 gave Attorney General Cooper a two-point lead. The race’s outcome will be decided by voter turnout, which gives a slight advantage to Governor McCrory.

Missouri Gubernatorial Race: Eric Greitens vs. Chris Koster

This race pits Republican Eric Greitens, a former U.S. Navy SEAL who was recognized by Time magazine in 2013 as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, against Democrat Chris Koster, who has served as Attorney General of Missouri since 2009. Greitens has struggled to unite Missouri Republicans, and the NRA has even endorsed his Democratic opponent. Missouri elected a Democratic governor, Jay Nixon, in 2008 and 2012, so Greitens faces an uphill battle. However, a once-large lead for Koster has narrowed substantially over the past two weeks. A St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll conducted from October 24-26 put his advantage over Greitens at just one point. The former Navy SEAL who served four tours of duty overseas is mounting an impressive comeback. A Koster win is certainly no sure thing.

5th Congressional District of New Jersey Race: Scott Garrett vs. Josh Gottheimer

It just so happens that I live in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, home to one of the most hotly-contested House races in the country. Incumbent Congressman Scott Garrett is running for his eighth term against Josh Gottheimer, a former Microsoft executive and speechwriter for President Clinton. Congressman Garrett is an original founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of constitutional conservatives who were instrumental in forcing John Boehner’s resignation as Speaker of the House. Gottheimer has gained recognition for his ability to raise a massive amount of money, due in no small part to his connections to the Clintons and the Democratic establishment. This race is a perfect representation of the ideological divide in this country between liberal and conservative. The district leans Republican, but less so in presidential election years. Although polling data is sparse, and despite the fact that Congressman Garrett has never received less than 55% of the vote, the race is a toss-up. It is the hardest reelection fight of Congressman Garrett’s career, but I believe he will ultimately pull through.

Bonus: Louisiana Senate Race

Louisiana elects its candidates for office via a jungle primary system, whereby all candidates, regardless of party affiliation, run at the same time. If no candidate wins an outright majority of the vote, the top two finishers move on to a runoff election. This year’s U.S. Senate election in Louisiana is notable because there are six main contenders, and one of them happens to be Republican David Duke, former Louisiana State Representative and one-time member of the Ku Klux Klan. While Duke has been polling in the single digits, he registered enough support to qualify for the Senate debate on Wednesday, November 2nd. A Mason-Dixon/FOX 8/Raycom Media poll conducted from October 17-19 put Duke at 5%, with Republican John Kennedy leading the race with 24%. Historically, Louisiana polls have always underestimated Duke’s level of support, and his poll numbers should increase over these final few days as he receives more media attention. It will be interesting to see how high he finishes and whether or not he can make it to a runoff election. He could potentially surprise a lot of people on Election Day.

Dear Every American, Go Vote

America is the greatest country on Earth. I am a strong and firm believer in that. As Americans, we have some of the greatest freedoms and rights granted to us by the United States Constitution and defended for us by our brave men and women in uniform. One of those rights, is the right to vote.

The right to vote has come a long way since the dawn of the United States. Up until 1870, only white, land-owning men could vote. Then here came the 15th amendment to say that the right to vote could not be denied or abridged by the state of the basis of race. But then, not until the birth of the 19th amendment in 1920, 50 years later, did women get the right to vote. Now, that’s real feminism.

2016 has been a whirlwind election and people are frustrated, to say the least. Now, more than ever, has your right to vote been so important. Just the other night, I was asked, “Does my vote even matter?” Yes! Your vote matters! People assume that when election day rolls around, that the only thing they vote for is the president and vice president. This is so not the case. When you vote, you do vote on a national level, but you also vote on the state and local levels. Everyone is pretty familiar with the jobs of elected officials on the national level, like making decisions about foreign policy and the national debt, and while those are very important issues, policy issues at the state and local impact your lives in a more direct way. State officials deal with things like transportation and economic development and local officials handle public safety and schools, all of which use your taxpayer dollars. You should be in charge of your money. Get out and vote for people who are going to use your tax dollars in ways that are going to be most beneficial for you.

My goal isn’t to persuade you to vote one way or the other. My goal is to persuade you to just vote. Get informed and vote for people who are going to best benefit your life. We are all in dire need of change. Our country needs change and change starts at the local level. Don’t ignore the chance to make a difference just because the two big ticket candidates are seemingly outrageous. Election day is less than two weeks away, go vote! Make your decisions to shape your future.

P.S. Go Cubs!

A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for Corruption

In 1974 Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency after mounting opposition from Congress over the Watergate Scandal. Scrutiny over Watergate was not a partisan issue. Both Republicans and Democrats came together to say that honesty and integrity transcends party lines. Hardly 15 Senators were behind Nixon by August of 1974, and it was his own party leaders who were calling on his resignation.

The same cannot be said this election cycle. Unfortunately, honesty has become a partisan issue. Time and time again, Hillary Clinton has been caught in one illegal activity after the other. Whether it be Benghazi, deleting emails that had been subpeoned, or using her ‘foundation’ for pay-to-play politics, Democratic Elites stand behind her. She has insulted the religious, has taken the blacks for granted, sold her power to foreign governments, and condemned women who were assaulted and raped by her husband. She is the complete antithesis to everything Liberal ideology is supposed to stand for. Hillary has rigged the media, fixed her own investigation, lied to the American people about Benghazi, and tried to avoid FOIA Law so that she could keep her illegal affairs out of the eyes of the American people.

We could sit here all day and talk about Hillary’s many, and I mean many questionable (illegal) decisions, but the bottom line is this: Hillary Clinton is a fraud, and a fraud like no other. Her morals and humanity are nonexistent. She is willing to rig a primary (and probably an entire election) to win the presidency, as we saw this past year in the Democratic Primaries when she silenced the voices of millions of young Americans looking for real change this election. What America’s new voters did learn this year was that the Democratic Party is the party of top-down politics. They are not for the people, the teacher, the police officer, or the single mom. They are for the corporate establishment and Liberal elites. Democrats at the top, the Congressman, the Super PACs, the Donors, (i.e. the ones who sit in their dens at night manically tapping their fingers together plotting ways to expand their organic groceries and hipster pastry shops), will not condemn the Clinton machine, even as undemocratic as it is.

So, if the top (Michael Moore) is not willing to do it, the grassroots Liberals, those who do care about democracy and equality should rally with Republicans and stand against the illegal practices of the Clintons. There are two legitimate candidates on the ballot this year, but only one can be held responsible for the deaths of four Americans. Only one chose to purge thousands of emails, probably to hide from criminal prosecution. Only one wears dresses that resemble that of a potato sack.

The Clintonian Democratic party has left America’s youth behind. If you really want to send a message to Washington, don’t vote for business as usual. A vote for Hillary is a vote for corruption. Vote for change because #HonestyIsntPartisan.

Remember the Supreme Court on Election Day

On November 8th, millions of Americans will go to the polls and face an important decision. Who will be the 45th President of the United States? It won’t be Gary Johnson. It won’t be Jill Stein. Nor will it be Evan McMullin. Like it or not, there are only two realistic options: Republican nominee Donald J. Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. On January 20, 2017, one of those two candidates will raise their right hand and take the presidential oath of office.

There are numerous issues at stake in this election. Taxes, healthcare, trade, immigration, the war against ISIS, etc. However, the issue that should be at the forefront of voters’ minds is the U.S. Supreme Court. Granted, it’s not a particularly sexy issue, but it has vast implications for our everyday lives. Earlier this year, when Justice Antonin Scalia passed away, the Supreme Court lost its most passionate defender of strict constructionism—the idea that the text of the Constitution should be interpreted as the Founders intended. Taking into account deaths and retirements, the next president will likely get to appoint two or three justices. The philosophical balance of power on the Court will shift dramatically for a generation or more. On November 8th, Americans should ask themselves the most important question: between Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton, who do I trust to nominate quality individuals to the Supreme Court?

This past September, Mr. Trump released a list of 21 individuals who he would consider when making appointments. One name that immediately jumps out from that list is Senator Mike Lee of Utah, a constitutional conservative and a warrior for our founding principles. If Senator Lee were to be appointed, there would be one more consistent advocate of strict constructionism on the Supreme Court. All of the people on Mr. Trump’s list hold the view that the Constitution is not a living document. They believe that it is a dead document and that it means what it says, nothing more or less. There will not be any judicial activists appointed to the Supreme Court under a President Donald Trump. Our God-given rights will be protected, and when the federal government oversteps its boundaries, it will be reined in.

In stark contrast, Secretary Clinton would appoint more leftist judicial activists to the Supreme Court. It was not surprising that in responding to a question about the Supreme Court during the second presidential debate, Secretary Clinton never once mentioned the Constitution. Instead, she said she would appoint justices “who understand the way the world really works” and “who have real life experience.” Taken at face value, that sounds great. However, when translated into reality, Secretary Clinton said, “I will appoint justices who will substitute their own policy preferences for the actual text of the Constitution.” In short, she promises more of the same when it comes to the Supreme Court and the interpretation of the Constitution. President Bill Clinton appointed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court in 1993. Imagine nine Justice Ginsburgs on the Supreme Court, and then increase their judicial activism by a factor of ten. With Secretary Clinton in the White House, that is what we will get.

Take a handful of the most controversial Supreme Court cases over the past half-century: Roe v. Wade, District of Columbia v. Heller, and Obergefell v. Hodges. Secretary Clinton believes that Roe v. Wade should be upheld and even strengthened. She does not believe that human life is a gift from God, or that human life should be protected from conception to natural death. But miraculously, she has found a right to abortion written in the Constitution. Maybe it’s written on the back in invisible ink, just like the secret code on the back of the Declaration of Independence in “National Treasure.” Does anyone have Nicolas Cage’s phone number?

With respect to the Heller decision, Secretary Clinton agreed with the minority of justices who argued that no American has a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. She believes that no American has the right to use a gun, even in his or her own home, for self-defense. If Secretary Clinton is elected president, that minority of justices will become a majority, and the Second Amendment will practically be written out of the Constitution.

With respect to Obergefell v. Hodges, Secretary Clinton agreed with the majority of justices who found a right to marriage written in the Constitution. Again, where is Nicolas Cage when you need him? In that case from June 2015, the Supreme Court issued an edict that wiped out the marriage laws of all 50 states and legalized same-sex marriage everywhere. The Court essentially usurped the power of elected state legislatures to determine their own marriage laws, reversing over two centuries of tradition and legal precedent. Whether you agree with the ruling or not, on that June day we found out who the real rulers of America are—not members of Congress or the president, but nine unelected lawyers who serve for life on the Supreme Court.

With the Supreme Court up for grabs, our God-given rights hang in the balance. With Secretary Clinton in the White House, leftist judicial activists will have the ability to rewrite the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. Free speech, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms could literally become nonexistent in this country a year from now.

With Mr. Trump in the White House, we will have a Supreme Court filled with strict constructionists who will protect our God-given rights and the constitutional principles of limited government and state sovereignty. We will no longer have a Court dominated by justices who believe that the Constitution says whatever they want it to say.

This election may be our last chance to save America as we know it—a country where the government, not the people, is restricted. On November 8th, think about the Supreme Court and its implications for our everyday lives when you head to the voting booth. Do you want a Supreme Court made up of nine Justice Ginsburgs, or do you want a Supreme Court made up of nine Justice Scalias? This is one of those defining moments in history that people will read about a hundred years from now (if the First Amendment is still fully intact, that is). The future of our country is in our hands. Let’s make the most of this great opportunity to save our country.