REALITY: Socialism Doesn’t Work. More Sad News For Venezuela.

REALITY: Socialism Doesn’t Work. More Sad News For Venezuela.

As Venezuelans protest on the streets to fight for their God given rights of life, liberty, and property, over 100 people have been killed by state security forces, and as many as seven over the weekend.

The last four months have been like an endless nightmare to the political opposition and it’s going to get worse. Riots and oppression have increased after the National Constituent Assembly election, held on July 30.

Significant opposition leaders, like Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma, were under house arrest and are now back in prison. Every day, the nation’s youth are arrested and taken to military prisons to be tortured by the Bolivarian National Guard and the SEBIN (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional, the political police).

Politically, the country is disastrous, and economically; the once rich Venezuela is a hell-hole.

In the same way that Jihadists are promised virgins in heaven, Revolutionaries promise milk and honey rivers if only they are given all the power.

Over the past century, the result of this thinking has been poverty, violence, underdevelopment, concentration of power, unemployment, economic collapse and class hatred. This goes for the Soviet Union, China, Veitnam, Cuba, Cambodia, Angola, and every single country in the world that have tried to achieve the Communist utopia through socialism.

Every time, reality makes a ruling and the verdict is clear, socialism doesn’t work. Individual liberties and capitalism does.

In 1998, there were 792,386 businesses in Venezuela, and now there are just a little more than 300,000, which means that 61% of the countries companies disappeared in less than twenty years.

The inflation rate is the highest in the world, with a shameful rate of more than 700%, so people’s purchasing power has dropped year after year, and now the minimum wage is $50.

Whatever food is available is rationed off by the last number on their government issued ID, but supermarkets and pharmacies are empty, there’s nothing to buy. They have resorted to eating their own pets and hunting stray dogs and cats.

U.S. companies like Coca Cola, Bridgestone, General Motors, Delta Airlines and many others are long gone, which as contributed greatly to the reduction in Venezuela’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Wait! There’s even more.

The Doing Business 2017 Report, released by the World Bank, ranks Venezuela in the 187th place among 190 economies, when it comes to the ease of creating a new business or to run it.

Venezuela’s position in the Index of Economic Freedom, which measures the freedom from state intervention and regulation of individuals and enterprises, is next to last (in good company with North Korea).

President Maduro complains about the “economic war” that the Bourgeoisie (capitalists, the rich) has declared on the poor, a typical speech given by dictators to instigate class warfare and to inspire trust in the government.

However, as can be seen in the sad case of Venezuela, if you look to the government as the means to an end, it will greatly fail you.

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