What Are The Options For Healthcare Reform? There’s Only One

What Are The Options For Healthcare Reform? There’s Only One

On Friday Sen. John McCain casted the deciding “no” vote on the “skinny repeal,” inciting claps from across the aisle and drawing gasps from Republican colleagues in the chamber, causing many senators to give up on their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare anytime soon.

The bill would have repealed the major tenet of the Affordable Care Act, the individual and employer mandates, as well as the medical-device tax and would have halted tax-payer funded abortions for a year.

Keep in mind that in 2010 the GOP campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare and won the House. Still, in 2014, and won the Senate. Again, in 2016, and won the presidency.

In 2015, the Republican controlled Congress voted to repeal Obamacare and sent it to the president’s desk, in effect saying, “Give us the presidency, and we will do this again, but for real!” They voted on the exact same bill on Wednesday and six senators who voted yes in 2015 voted no this time, which means they blatantly lied to those who voted for them.

Ted Cruz was right on Friday when he said “no party can remain in power by lying to the American people.” Republicans should have learned this from the Democrats.

Instead of straight repeal, with a 2-year provision period that allows for a replacement to be decided on, Republicans threw together a bill at lunchtime and voted on it at midnight, and called it “skinny.” I agree with Rand Paul that some repeal is better than no repeal, but can we really blame McCain for his “no” vote?

While it’s not clear who the voters will ultimately blame, Democrats for creating this nightmare or Republicans for not fixing it, letting Obamacare “implode” isn’t a risk Republicans should take.

The repeal only bill does what the repeal/replace or the skinny bill can’t do. It forces Democrats to get off of their resistance high and sit down at the negotiation table.

Some ridicule this, saying markets would be sent into a freefall and many other doomsday scenarios. However, the real doomsday scenario is keeping Obamacare.

Just as Republicans have so far lied about their promises to get rid of the paradoxical named Affordable Care Act, the current healthcare system was built on a mountain of falsehoods.

The most important being that healthcare costs would go down, not up.

The Daily Signal reported on an Obamacare study released by the Department of Health and Human Services earlier this year in May.

“In 2013, the average annual cost of a premium for an individual health care plan was $2,784. By 2017, the average annual cost for a premium for an individual health care plan on HealthCare.gov was $5,712. Thirty-nine states use HealthCare.gov,” said The Daily Signal.

“Twenty-four states had Obamacare premiums in 2017 that were double the average individual premium in 2013. In three states, the Obamacare premiums are now triple the average individual premium in 2013.”

Yes, Democrats created the failure of Obamacare, but Republicans are now sustaining it. It’s obvious that they are afraid of reforming healthcare, because if they pass any bill at all, they then entirely own it.

What are the options on the table? There’s only one. And that’s doing the right thing. Repeal Obamacare like Congress did in 2015, and come up with a bipartisan bill that shrinks government and reduces healthcare costs, while allowing a safety net for those who really need it.

Otherwise, Democrats will continue with their “Approve the Affordable Care Act” scheme, which would only grow government and increase costs. The only way to stop obstruction is to take away the incentive to obstruct.

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