SMACKDOWN: Ben Shapiro, Benny Johnson Obliterate Chelsea Manning On Twitter

SMACKDOWN: Ben Shapiro, Benny Johnson Obliterate Chelsea Manning On Twitter

Chelsea Manning, convicted traitor and military leaker, got into a twitter war on Tuesday with Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire (and #2 in the nation Itunes Podcast host).

And Idependent Journal Review reporter Benny Johnson captured it all.

Originally, Manning had tweeted:

This can be taken as a reference to Manning’s experience. After being convicted for releasing classified intelligence onto the internet back in 2010, Manning was sentenced to a 35 years in prison.

However, after serving just seven years, Manning’s sentence was commuted by President Obama before the end of his term.

This, in the most Shapiroesque way, is how Shapiro responded:

And, of course, Manning tried to clap back.

And Shapiro was quick to shut that down.

(P.S.: It was proven when you were sentenced to prison for 35 years).

Johnson published his coverage of the event, adding additional responses and further trashing Manning’s argument. Although Manning had already been annihilated, one last effort was made.

However, Manning’s #fakenews argument seemed to backfire as Johnson later tweeted about the lift in his mentions.

Manning’s last words?

Eh, a few points for the emojis?

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