3 Alt-Right Leaders On What The Alt-Right Actually Is

3 Alt-Right Leaders On What The Alt-Right Actually Is

The tragic event in Charlottesville that was propagated by white nationalists who call themselves the ‘Alt-Right’ has many of us asking what exactly this group stands for. Who better to tell us than the thought leaders of the group themselves.

1. Jared Taylor, founder of the American Renaissance, describes himself as a “long standing member of the Alt-Right.” In a YouTube video he says, “We are a broad dissident movement that includes many different websites, organizations, and viewpoints.” Some of these websites include his own, as well as Richard Spencer’s AltRight.com and white nationalist National Policy Institute.

“Some members hold distinctive positions on sex roles, trade and free markets, forms of government, and foreign policy. But they all agree on one thing: equality is a dangerous myth,” continues Taylor.

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“The Alt-Right is united in rejecting the current dogma that all races are equal. Races are different. They differ in average levels of intelligence. They do not build identical societies. And there is no reason to think nonwhites can maintain western civilization. The civilization that whites created.”

2. Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, a think tank for white nationalism, said that if he could sum up the Alt-Right in one word then he would say “identity.” Spencer describes the ideology as an “identitarian movement.”

“It is an identity politics for white people in North America and really around the world,” says Spencer. “So that’s what the alt-right is just in one sentence or bumper sticker.”

3. Vox Day, blogger and Alt-Right activist, says on his blog that “the Alt-Right is anti-equalitarian.” He believes, and so does the ideology as a whole, that equality is anti-scientific. Additionally, Day says, “The Alt Right believes we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.”

There you have it.

The Alt-Right is a movement of white supremacists. The root of their philosophy or the basic premise of the group as a whole is that all of western civilization is because of whites. Therefore, if whites are threatened, then so is western civilization.

If you believe in western values, as I do, then that does not make you Alt-Right. Leftists have tried to lump everyone on the right who believes in western ideas of freedom and equal justice under the law as part of this white nationalist group.

No, not everyone on the right is Alt-Right. I would say that no one on the right is Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right is not conservative, and what happened in Charlottesville is not “right wing violence.” They are racist, anti-constitution, Nazi degenerates.



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