7 Months With President Trump: What Have Republicans Accomplished?

7 Months With President Trump: What Have Republicans Accomplished?

We are seven months into the Trump presidency. What has the unified Republican government accomplished so far? Not as much as we would all have liked, but it’s better than nothing.

Confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment, and the most pertinent issue of the 2016 election, was the fate of the U.S. Supreme Court. On April 7, 2017, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by a Senate vote of 54-46 to the Supreme Court.

This confirmation kept the court balance identical. With the passing of constitutional originalist Justice Antonin Scalia, conservatives knew the next nomination would affect the nation’s highest court for at least a generation, and the country for generation more.

Justice Gorsuch was a big win for Republicans.

Confirmation of a conservative cabinet

In the 2016 election, the art of persuasion became much more difficult. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were, for lack of a better term, sketchy candidates. There were many serious and legitimate concerns about both of their abilities to lead the free world, concerns that each of them had to overcome in order to gain control of the Oval Office.

Ultimately, it was Donald Trump who put those concerns to rest and won the Presidency, and he did so by drawing the ideological conservative vote. Sure, there were many on the right who still opposed him, but, as election day drew nearer, ideologues hopped on the Trump Train.

President Trump did not disappoint, as he named many of those ideologues to his cabinet and reaffirmed his seeming commitment to conservative principles:

  • Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson, former CEO-ExxonMobil
  • Secretary of Treasury: Steve Mnuchin, former OneWest Bank CEO
  • Secretary of Defense: James Mattis, retired USMC General
  • Attorney General: Jeff Sessions, former Al. U.S. Senator
  • HHS Secretary: Tom Price, former Ga. U.S. Representative
  • HUD Secretary: Ben Carson, conservative, prominent neurologist
  • Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos, school choice advocate
  • Secretary of Energy: Rick Perry, former governor of Texas

Fulfilled campaign promises

The Trump campaign was filled with many promises that are not so easily fulfilled. Issues such as Obamacare, tax reform, the wall, and the immigration system are complex political problems that are not easily fixed overnight.

However, one of the most notable victories of the Trump presidency is the roll back of a record amount of federal regulations. And a new rule that says “for every new regulation, two old regulations must be removed.”

Also worth noting is the withdrawal from the horrible Paris Climate Agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Congress is on August recess right now, some vacationing and others holding town halls, but when they get back to Washington we can expect the agenda to begin to take shape even more. There is much more to be done to Make America Great Again!

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