PragerU Video: How Iraq Was Won And Lost

PragerU Video: How Iraq Was Won And Lost

President Obama inherited a war already won in Iraq from President George W. Bush. As usual, politics got in the way and everything that was gained would be lost.

Pete Hegseth, a Lieutenant in the United States Army during the Iraq War, notes that while the initial decision to invade Iraq in 2003 is “subject to fair debate,” the war at the time had “overwhelming bi-partisan support in the House and the Senate. Dozens of allied countries joined the coalition.”

The latest PragerU video details the downward spiral of the Iraq War during the Bush years. Casualties were increasing while public opinion and the chances of finding the expected weapons of mass destruction were decreasing.

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Despite Democrats saying that the war had been lost, President Bush decided to send 30,000 more troops into Iraq, which is known as “The Surge.”

“American forces and their Iraqi counterparts reversed the course of the war. It was one of the most stunning and successful turnabouts in modern military history,” said Hegseth.

Obama and Vice President Biden spent their first two years in office praising the progress in Iraq. Biden even said it would be “one of the greatest achievements of this administration.”

Everything went wrong when “the Obama Administration got into a dispute with the Iraqi government over something called a ‘Status of Forces Agreement.’” Hegseth continues, “The Iraqis said they wanted to be able to prosecute American soldiers who broke Iraqi law. Appropriately, the Obama Administration said no; we will prosecute our own law-breakers. But instead of continuing to work towards an agreement, the president, against the advice of his own generals, ended negotiations.”

Obama used this opportunity to make good on his campaign promise of bringing the troops home, and so we left Iraq.

“With American troops gone, ISIS took control of a large part of the country. Its black flag soon flew over Mosul, Fallujah, Ramadi, and many other cities that American troops had secured at such great cost.”

“The war that George W. Bush had won, Barack Obama had lost.”

“The painful lesson is this,” concludes Hegseth, “resolve works, and retreat doesn’t.”

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